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Puerto Galera Tourist Spots

There’s a lot of Puerto Galera tourist spots for you to see and enjoy here, so you definitely won’t get bored. A little research and some advice from someone who knows the area will go a long way in planning your holiday.

At BADLADZ we give all our guests and restaurant visitors great tips on all the Puerto Galera tourist spots that you’ll enjoy while visiting Puerto Galera.

BADLADZ Beach Area - Best Resort in Puerto Galera

First read through this resource that I created for you to have an idea and choose where you would like to visit while you’re here. Check out my list of some of the Puerto Galera tourist spots below.

Puerto Galera Tourist Spots

There are several different kinds of Puerto Galera Tourist Spots you can enjoy when you visit Mindoro Island. Here we’re going to list beaches and waterfalls.

Puerto Galera Beaches

Let’s start with the beautiful Puerto Galera beaches. There are several beaches on Mindoro Island. In this post we’ll cover the following:

  • White Beach
  • Aninuan Beach
  • Sabang Beach
  • Big La Laguna Beach
  • Small La Laguna Beach
  • Sinandigan Beach
  • Palangan Beach
  • Small Tabinay Beach

White Beach

Some say White Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Galera. Some also call it the “Small Boracay” because of the smooth white sand and its beautiful beach. Because of our great positioning on the island, White Beach is only 20 minutes away from our accommodations.

Aside from the usual swimming activities on the beautiful beach, there’s a lot more to enjoy here. From the small shops, international restaurants, souvenir shops, henna tattoo (temporary tattoos), bars, and many more places of interest.

When the night comes you can kick back at a bar along the beach or sit directly on the beach and enjoy a few cold beverages and listen to music or the sound of the waves.

To learn more about White Beach, check out the other resource we created below.

Everything you need to know about White Beach.

Aninuan Beach

Aninuan Beach is just five minutes away from White Beach. This is a great beach for a day trip getaway. Compared to White Beach and Sabang, Aninuan Beach is less crowded and more private.

Puerto Galera Tourist Spots

Sitting by the sand you’ll have views of deck chairs under nipa huts by the shoreline while the waves lap in the background; you’ll definitely enjoy this peaceful moment. The sunset views here are stunning as well.

Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is another popular beach in Puerto Galera. You will find restaurants, shops, Spa, a floating bar, and girly bars. Easy to say that fun always starts when the sun goes down.

Nightlife in Sabang goes late into the night as most bars close between 1-3 am. You will, however, find the Big Apple Bar stays open 24 hours a day.

Sabang is a bit congested so a lot of people on their holiday like to stay away during the daytime and visit during the evening and night. We recommend this as well as it will get you out seeing the rest of Puerto Galera.

It’s best to situate yourself in the middle of everything somewhere near Puerto Galera Town. The BADLADZ accommodations in Puerto Galera are great for this.

Big La Laguna Beach

Not far from any of the BADLADZ properties, Big La Laguna Beach is fifteen minutes away from Sabang Beach. This is one of the most visited beaches in Puerto Galera. This is a great beach to take a day trip to and hang out.

The water on the shore is so clear that you would easily see the bottom. As you look further at the sea, the color of the water changes to turquoise and aqua making the bottom of the beach interesting to explore.

Small La Laguna Beach

Small La Laguna Beach is one of the prime beaches in Puerto Galera. This amazing beach is just a walking distance from Sabang Beach.

The same as the Big La Laguna you can enjoy a lot of water activities here. From kayaking, jet skiing, banana boat riding, and windsurfing. This is truly a small paradise in Puerto Galera.

Sinandigan Beach

Just 11 minutes away from Sabang, you will find Sinandigan Beach. Known for the Sinandigan Lighthouse and the famous Sinandigan Wall. From the beautiful corals to the abundant marine life and the different species of fish, Sinandigan wall is the richest dive site in Puerto Galera.

If you are a fan of diving and discovering new underwater attraction, this is the place you should visit during a day trip.

Palangan Beach

Another great day trip beach if you want a little break from busier areas is visiting Palangan Beach. This is another great tourist spot here in Puerto Galera under the beach category.

Puerto Galera Beaches / Puerto Galera Tourist Spots

The cleanliness of the water offers an invitation for you to swim in Palangan Beach. A stunning view in any direction you look, beautiful sunrise and sunset view. Spending a day in Palangan Beach is an experience that you’re not likely to forget anytime soon.

Small Tabinay Beach

Small Tabinay Beach is just 10 minutes away from Balatero pier and it is the very beach in front of BADLADZ Beach & Dive Resort. The view from the resort is stunning and if you want, you can lie down on one of the hammocks tied up on the coconut trees along the beach and enjoy the beautiful sky and the breeze of fresh air that gives you the refreshment you need.

Puerto Galera Tourist Spots / Trailer Boat Club Philippines

The above photo is of the Trailer Boat Club of the Philippines when they visited BADLADZ Beach Resort. Typically there are very few if any boats out in our bay making it a nice peaceful place to relax. You can rent a kayak or canoe from us for the day and take an adventure out into the bay. These are available for singles and doubles.

Looking across the ocean will fascinate you by the stillness of the water and will eventually tempt you to swim. This is our favorite beach as it offers peace and quiets away from all the main Puerto Galera tourist spots but is close enough to go to all Puerto Galera tourist areas and nightlife within 20 minutes.

Plus if you’re staying at BADLADZ Beach Resort then you also have a beachfront pool to hang out at.

There’s a children’s pool, an adult pool, and a cave with a waterfall. There’s plenty of space around the pool to relax with a bar just to the right of the pool for easy access to staff to order a cold beverage.

We also have the on-site Pampered Spa where you can enjoy a relaxing massage or an assortment of other spa treatments.

Mindoro Island Waterfalls

Now we’ll jump into some of the Mindoro Island Waterfalls. Aside from the beautiful beaches, you can visit Puerto Galera which also offers you its amazing waterfalls.

These are the most popular waterfalls on Mindoro Island that are frequently visited by tourists. Below we’ll cover the following:

  • Aninuan Falls
  • Tukuran Falls
  • Tamaraw Falls
  • Infinity Farm

Aninuan Falls

The Aninuan Falls is a great little waterfall in Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera Tourist Spots / Philippines Waterfalls

These falls are 20 minutes away from Puerto Galera Town (Poblacion) and the BADLADZ properties. The small falls will not disappoint you, from the cool water in the pool of the falls and the jungle ambiance will leave you relaxed and close to nature. The trees that surround the falls will present you with the opportunity to unwind and connect with nature.


Tukuran Falls, also known as the “Hidden Paradise” is a popular day trip that a lot of our guests enjoy visiting.

Tamaraw Falls / Tukuran Falls

Located roughly an hour from Puerto Galera proper. The beauty of the falls and the scenery that you’ll see on your way is just astonishing and can’t be fully described by words. We have a lot more details here at our resorts you can read up on or ask us questions.

You can also learn more about Tukuran Falls here.

Tamaraw Falls

Tamaraw Falls is one of the majestic beauties of the many natural wonders to see here in Puerto Galera. This one is easy to get to and is right off the road a short drive from any of our resorts on the way to Tukuran Falls and Infinity Farm.

Tamaraw Falls / Tukuran Falls / Puerto Galera Tourist Spots

These falls are a series of smaller waterfalls that are combined in an amazing way to make up the larger waterfall that flows down the mountain into a refreshing pool below.

To learn more about it visit the blog post for Tamaraw Falls.

Infinity Farm

Another awesome tourist spot is the Infinity Farm.

Located at Baco Oriental Mindoro, Infinity Farm is now becoming one of the most popular tourist spots in Oriental Mindoro near Puerto Galera. Upon reaching this majestic place you will find fresh air, plenty of shade, and mountain water.

Things to do Near Manila / Puerto Galera Tourist Spots

There are several areas that have pools where you can find a spot to relax and enjoy nature.

To learn more about the infinity farm, click here.

These are just some of the Puerto Galera tourist spots. There’s still a lot more for you to discover. Come and stay with us at BADLADZ and we’ll be glad to advise you further on all the Puerto Galera tourist spots.


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