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How to Get to Puerto Galera

Quite often we’re asked how to get to Puerto Galera from manila, how to get to puerto galera by car and how to get to puerto galera from batangas port?

If you’re coming from Manila to Puerto Galera there are several modes of transportation you’re going to have to take before getting to your final destination. Below you will find our breakdown of how to go to Puerto Galera by all modes of transportation and some tips for each one.

Let’s get started . . .

Flying Into the Manila, Philippines

Fly into Manila International Airport (MNL). If you are flying in from other destinations in SE Asia, check out discount fares from carriers like Tiger Air, Jetstar, and Air Asia into Clark International Airport (CRK) which is 1.5 hours north of Manila.

Watch this short video where I talk about how to use the departure terminals to catch a taxi. I also talk about how to organize a pick-up with your friends or family in the arrivals area.

Ok, now you’re in Manila, let’s get you to Puerto Galera…

How to Get to Puerto Galera from Manila

Getting from Manila to Puerto Galera is simple. Below we break down how to get to Puerto Galera using a couple of modes of transportation you will have available to you. They are as follows:

  • How to Get to Puerto Galera by Car
  • Manila to Puerto Galera via Batangas Pier by Bus
  • How to Get to Puerto Galera from Batangas Port

How to Get to Puerto Galera by Car

Go to the DEPARTURES area of the airport and get a YELLOW or WHITE metered taxi. Be sure to get in a newer cab. The fare will be about ₱4,500 pesos to Batangas Pier and you need to make sure that they will take the fast route on the TOLL HIGHWAYS. Negotiate who pays for highway tolls FIRST.

This is not a bad option when traveling from Manila to Batangas if you arrive mid-day and want to get to the beach pronto! Staying in Manila will cost as much as getting to Puerto Galera via taxi.

Watch this short video about using taxis and how to use them like a pro.

Manila to Puerto Galera via Batangas Pier by Bus​

Get any bus that goes to Batangas Pier, you can speak English to all the conductors, and you’ll be charged the correct rates, probably around ₱250 after you have left and are on your way.

First, they will ask you where you’re going which is “Batangas Pier” and then they’ll give you a ticket. Then they’ll come back around and collect the amount that is punched out on your ticket showing your Manila to Batangas port selection.

If you have big bags, there is space below the bus to store them. I always sit right above where I put my bag in the undercarriage storage just so I can keep an eye on it though I’ve never had anything goes missing.

Also, there is small storage above your seat for smaller types of bags. Not too many people put their stuff up there, so there is usually plenty of space. Put your stuff above the seats across from you so you can keep an eye on it. Again, I never had a problem, just a safe way to travel.

Watch this quick video, I will tell you how to get through the Batangas pier and into Puerto Galera because there’s a bunch of construction going on so this should make it a bit easier for you.

How to Get to Puerto Galera from Batangas Port

When you arrive in Batangas, the bus will go to the Batangas City Terminal first and drop off passengers there. Do not get off the bus, even for a bathroom break as they usually leave quickly. The next stop will be Batangas Pier.

When you get to the parking lot at Batangas Pier, there will be porters trying to get you to let them carry your bags. It’s up to you whether you need that help, but if you take it, make sure to negotiate the price before you let them. Be firm.

Proceed to the Batangas Terminal Building where all the ticketing booths are located and look for the boat that goes to Balaterto Port, there’s a lot of them so check all the ticketing booths and choose which boat fits for you.

Boats to Puerto Galera

There are two types of boats available here going to Puerto Galera, there are Fast Craft and RORO.

Fast Craft is the fastest ferry here as it can take you to Puerto Galera in an hour or less while RORO (Roll on Roll off) on the other hand will take about 2 hours. RORO’s travel time is longer compared to the Fast Craft because this is a big boat that carries passengers and cars, so if you want to bring your car to Puerto Galera this is the boat for you.

Please note: At Batangas Pier, you may be approached by people advising you that the boats are not running, or that you must take a “private boat”. DO NOT take a “Private Boat”! Do not believe anyone (even security) if they tell you the boats are not running. This is a SCAM.

DO NOT take or attempt to take any other boats other than the ones leaving from the terminal. Refuse to be led away from the terminal by seemingly “friendly” people.

The cost is usually around ₱620 per person for a one-way ticket depending on the class of the ferry. Pay your terminal fee of ₱30 per person, scan your terminal ticket QR Code at the gate and proceed to the waiting area for boarding.

Arriving at Balatero Port Puerto Galera

Once the boat docked, you will have to carry your bags out of the boat. If they’re heavy, you can ask for help. There are porters there who are more than willing to carry your luggage for you for a small fee.

Pay the environmental fee of ₱120 per person and proceed to register in the Municipal Health Office booth for thermal scanning and profiling.

Proceed to the exit, get your transportation to BADLADZ or anywhere in Puerto Galera.

There will be drivers along the way asking you where you’re going just make sure to negotiate with the price first before getting into their trike or van.

How to Get to Puerto Galera

Total Trip Costs Per Person

  • Taxi to Bus Terminal : About ₱150 (Depends on your location)
  • Bus to Batangas Pier : About ₱250
  • Boat From Batangas Pier to Balatero Port : About ₱620
  • Batangas Pier Terminal Fee : ₱30
  • Balatero Port Environmental Fee : ₱120
  • Trike to BADLADZ : About ₱150
  • Total One Way From Manila to Puerto Galera : ₱1,320

Looking for instructions on how to get back?

Click here for detailed instructions on How to Go From Puerto Galera to Manila Airport.

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