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How to Go From Puerto Galera to Manila Airport

If you are looking for directions on how to get to Puerto Galera from Manila, I created a different resource about it. Read about it here How to Get to Puerto Galera. This one is for the other way around, I’ll be giving you directions on how to go from Puerto Galera to Manila Airport.

Today You Will Learn the Following:

  • Balatero to Batangas Pier
  • Batangas Pier to Metro Manila
  • How to Get to the Manila International Airport From Manila Bus Terminal

First, watch this video I created on How to Go From Puerto Galera to Manila Airport. Then you can read the more detailed instructions below.

Balatero to Batangas Pier

When you’re done having fun with BADLADZ here in Puerto Galera, here is how you go back to Manila. It’s pretty easy actually, If you are staying at BADLADZ Beach and Dive Resort, you will need to take a tricycle to Balatero pier.

Same as when you are coming from Batangas to Puerto Galera, the fare here at Balatero Port will be around 300 – 500PHP depending on the class of the ferry.

There are a couple of ticketing offices here so make sure to check the first ferry that goes to Batangas Port. They usually post the time of departure outside their ticketing offices.

Get your ticket and standby for boarding when the ferry is ready. Travel time is 1 hour or less for Fast Craft and 2 hours for RORO. Once you arrive in Batangas, the next step is to take a bus to Manila.

Batangas Pier to Metro Manila

Ok, so now you are in Batangas Pier, the next step is to get a bus, a taxi or a van that goes to Manila. Just follow the people that go out of the pier.

If you want to take a taxi or a van you can get them at the parking lot of the Batangas Pier. Prices for these are more expensive that’s why we highly recommend you take the local bus to Manila. The bus is safe, comfortable and very affordable.

Here is how you get a bus…

There are buses at the parking lot of the pier that’s available for you but I don’t really recommend them if you’re short on time. Buses here don’t seem to have a time schedule. You might sit on the bus for 30 minutes to a couple of hours before they leave.

The best option for you to get a bus is to go to the Batangas City Bus terminal, the bus here leaves every 30 minutes. To get here you will need to take a trike from the pier.

There are two types of trike there, you can get a trike with other passengers for 50PHP or you can charter your own trike for 100 PHP going to Batangas bus terminal. The image below will show you where to get your trike.

Once you arrive at the terminal, look for your bus that has a sign that reads like this…

This bus will take you to Manila within 1 to 1.5 hours. You can get off at Delarosa Street which has Buendia Train Sation or at the Bus Terminal. From there the next step is to get a taxi to the airport.

How to Get to the Manila International Airport from Manila Bus Terminal

Now we are close to our destination, if you get off at Delarosa you can get a metered taxi there that can take you to the airport.

Find the taxi you will use by asking them if they will use their meter. If they won’t, shut their door and go to the next one.

If they agree, make sure they turn on their meter before you they leave. Sometimes they will start talking to you so you forget and they conveniently forget.

Watch this short video about using taxis for you to avoid getting ripped off.

Once you get your taxi just let them know what terminal you are going so they can get you the fastest route to the airport.
If you get off at Dela Rosa Street near the Buendia station and you are going to terminal 1 or terminal 3 here are the fastest route, see images below.
Buendia Train Station to Terminal 1
Buendia Station Train to Terminal 3
Buendia Bus Station to Terminal 1
Buendia Train Station to Terminal 3

There you go, you are now at your designated Terminal at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Make sure you have all your baggage and your valuable things with you and have yourself a safe trip and hope to see you back here in Puerto Galera Philippines.

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