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Manila Airport Travel Tips

Are you looking for some Manila Airport travel tips?

When you come to the Philippines (and you should!), more than likely you’ll be arriving by plane. That is unless you pull off a stunt as a stowaway aboard a ship, but hey, that’s pretty unlikely.

Get a plane – they’re more comfortable than the cargo hold of a boat.

Here are some Manila Airport Travel Tips to help you get started on the right foot.

Arriving at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)

When arriving here, chances are that you’ll arrive at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL). Especially if you’re coming straight down to Puerto Galera. In the video below, you’ll see a few shots of the different terminals at Manila Airport.

When you arrive in the Philippines, one of the things you’ll notice is that the airports in the Philippines are vastly under-equipped.

Unlike most Western airports, there is no comfortable waiting area or lounge for your friends to wait for your imminent arrival. Instead, you have to go straight through immigration and leave the airport to find your friends or transportation.

Manila Airport Travel Tips – Find a Taxi in the Departures Area

Once you land and collect your bags, one of the best Manila Airport Travel Tips I can give you is to find the departures area which is usually upstairs. That’s where you’ll find several metered taxis.

NOTE: It’s always best to have the address you’re going to write down with the name of the place and the full address.

Once there, find a taxi that has just dropped someone off and wave at them. Open the rear passenger door and ask the taxi if he’ll turn the meter on. If he will not, move on to the next one. You will do that two or three times and they will continue to quote you a higher price than normal. You will get angry, you will want to slam the door. Don’t do that!

Continue on until you find a suitable taxi to take you to your destination either by the meter or at least for a rate that is reasonable. Also, another tip about taxis is they’re going to roughly cost the same no matter how old or how new they are so you might as well find a newer comfortable one if that matters to you.

For more taxi tips, check out my 12 tips on using taxis in Manila.

Manila Airport Terminal Walkthrough on the Outside

This video will walk you through each of the terminals at the Manila airport. It will help you get some idea of and perspective on each of the terminals at the Manila airport.

Terminal 1 – Departures Area

This place was built 30 years ago. It’s too small, so there’s always a crowd and always busy. If you’re leaving, get there early and if you are arriving, go to the departures area as it is the best place to get a taxi.

Terminal 1 – International Arrivals

Now, this can be a bit confusing, when you first come out your going to see this area, which is ground transport, buses, and yellow airport taxis, you have to cross the road and then head for the arrival waiting area.

Now as you go straight ahead you’re going to turn either left or right to go down one level and this is where you’ll come out and the people greeting you will have a chance to see you. These bays used to be numbered one through fifteen but now they use letters, so pick a letter and stand underneath the sign. Hopefully, your ride will be standing across the road.

Make sure you arrange this ahead of time, so they know how to find you because they’re not allowed the come across the road and wait for you.

Terminal 2 – Departures – Domestic – International

Again, there is a lot of taxis with meters to choose from.

Terminal 2 – Arrivals

Bays one through twenty-three, again this is where you get yellow taxis with meters but there’s not always a lot of them.

Terminal 3 – Departures

As always are a lot of taxis with meters here. When you arrive in the Philippines this is the best place to go. It’s not easy to get to and you will have to walk for a bit but I guarantee you there are a lot of taxis.

Terminal 3 – Arrivals

You can see on each of these pillars a number, when you’re coming in they have numbers 1 through 8. Pick a number ahead of time so your people can meet you as this can be a bit of a mob scene here. This is also down at the end where you pick up the yellow metered taxis. They’re a bit more money. You will have to stand in line for them but oftentimes they’re a nicer taxi.

Where to Stay in the Philippines?

I hope these Manila Airport travel tips have helped you better plan for your trip.

Now that you’re in the Philippines, where should you go? If you’re not already on your way to BADLADZ Beach & Dive Resorts, would like to invite you to come to stay with us at one of our properties in Puerto Galera.

It depends on the time of the day you arrive, but if it’s lunchtime or earlier, you can go from Manila to Puerto Galera and come stay at BADLADZ! If it’s after lunchtime, you will check in to a hotel for the night. Then get up nice and early and come see us. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!




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