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Playing in the Beautiful Philippines Waterfalls

Have you ever thought about visiting some of the beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines for a weekend getaway or on your next trip to the Philippines?

There are several waterfalls, natural pools, and fun places to explore in the jungles of the Philippines. Below you will find some of the beautiful Philippines waterfalls we went to.

First through, sometimes people ask me… “What is there to do when you get to the waterfalls?”

Things to do when Visiting the Beautiful Waterfalls in the Philippines

Well, there’s a lot more to do than just go stair at cascading water falling from the mountainside. Here are some ideas to get the gears in your mind turning.

They are as follows:

  • Trekking to the Waterfalls
  • Have a Picnic with Your Friends and Family
  • Work on Your Photography Skills
  • Get Your Phone or Video Camera Out and Create a Video
  • Relax Near the Falls and Take a Nap
  • Swim in the Natural Pools the Falls Make
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Meet Other Adventure Seeking Waterfalls Visitors
  • Try Your Hand at Painting the Waterfalls
  • or Maybe a Romantic Kiss Under the Falls ????

There are so many things to do, really it’s up to your imagination to do the things that you most enjoy. Hopefully, though that list will get you started with some ideas.

Now, let’s move on to the waterfall videos.

Playing in the Beautiful Waterfalls in the Philippines

Finding beautiful spots in the Philippines is a lot of fun and exciting as well. However, some of these beautiful falls are really hard to get to, and if you don’t know the place you might need to have a guide to avoid getting lost.

To get to the falls sometimes you need to walk through the jungle and cross rivers, this might sound exhausting but when you arrive at the falls, all that you’ve been through will be worth it.

The video above is one of the beautiful places I found on one of my travels here in the Philippines. It was amazing. The water is so clean, fresh air and a stunning view.

The locals and I enjoyed swimming and jumping off the cliff to the cool and clean pool below. This was one of the most awesome and wonderful adventures I had in 2016.

Looking for Treasure in the Waterfalls in the Philippines

This is another amazing place I found here in the Philippines. Here I decided to go treasure hunting in the falls.

While I was in the pool enjoying the cool and freshwater I saw a big hole. I wanted to go into but I didn’t have a light to explore further. Watch to see…

Most people think you can only do treasure hunting in the oceans. While diving shipwrecks and finding lost gold is a lot of fun, treasure hunting in the waterfalls can be a fun way to do it too and much easier aside from the hike to your location.

If you want to read more about it, click here Treasure Hunting inside the waterfalls in the Philippines.

When you are treasure hunting in these falls, you don’t really know what you’re looking for until you find it. That’s where the next question comes in, ” Is there gold in the waterfalls in the Philippines?”

Is there Gold in the Waterfalls in the Philippines?

If there is one water hazard in nature that traps gold, it would be the waterfalls.

Most of the waterfalls in the Philippines are hidden and hard to find or get to. So there’s a big chance that some valuable stuff like natural treasures or hidden gold might be found.

Read more about it here Looking for Gold in the Waterfalls in the Philippines.

An adventurous area to discover waterfalls is Mindoro Island and specifically Puerto Galera where we are at. When you’re looking for things to do in Puerto Galera, the waterfalls are always some of the top choices of many of our guests.

You can learn more about the beautiful Philippines waterfalls near Puerto Galera below.

Waterfalls Near Puerto Galera

In Puerto Galera alone, there are four waterfalls that are attracting tourists.

Below is a list of the most popular waterfalls that both tourists and locals alike visit when they want a relaxing time in nature.

They are as follows:

  • Aninuan Falls
  • Tukuran Falls
  • Tamaraw Falls
  • Infinity Farm

Aninuan Falls

Aninuan Falls is one of the best tourist spots Puerto Galera can offer. If you’re looking for a private waterfall and a fresh pool, this is the best place for you to spend your day trip.

To get there it will be a 30-minute ride from BADLADZ Beach Resort and roughly an hour hike to the falls. This can be an exciting adventure since on your way to the falls there’s a lot for you to see. This is where your camera and phones will be useful for taking pictures of the beautiful scenery and of course taking selfies.

Puerto Galera Tourist Spots / Philippines Waterfalls

Once you arrive at the falls you’ll need to pay for the 20 PHP entrance for each person and you can stay as long as you want. They use this amount to pay the caretaker of the area to keep it clean and fresh all the time. Swimming to the falls is one of the best things you can do here, it is so refreshing and rewarding after a long hike to the falls.

Tukuran Falls

Also known as the “Hidden Paradise” Tukuran Falls is one of the popular day trips that a lot of our guests enjoy.

Located roughly about an hour and a half away from any of the BADLADZ resorts, you will have a great adventure on your way to the falls.

Philippines Waterfalls

Once you arrive at the falls you’ll see a clean and green color pool situated at the bottom of the rocks where the water is flowing freely. You can go diving, swimming, rock sliding, and more fun.

Below is a video of me, my family, and friends having a great time and enjoying the beauty and freshness of the Tukuran Falls.

You can also read more about it here Tukuran Falls.

One of the other great things about going to Tukuran Falls is you can stop off at Tamaraw Falls on the way.

Tamaraw Falls

Another well-known waterfall near Puerto Galera is the Tukuran Falls.

Tukuran Falls is a series of smaller waterfalls that are combined to make up the tallest waterfall in Puerto Galera that flows down the mountain 423ft (128.3m) into a refreshing pool below.

Philippines Waterfalls

A perfect place to go picnic at the picnic huts at the bottom of the falls and go swimming.

I took a short video of my last visit to the tallest waterfall here in Puerto Galera. I brought my drone with me to see the whole area and it is so amazing. Enjoy the video.

To know more about it check out the other resource we created for Tamaraw Falls.

Infinity Farm

Another best tourist spot in Puerto Galera is the Infinity Farm in Baco Oriental Mindoro.

Sometimes people ask me where to go in Puerto Galera, I often respond with the Infinity Farm as one of the many places they will enjoy and it’s not that far from BADLADZ Resorts.

At the infinity farm, there are several areas that have little pools, rivers cascading to the rocks where you can find a spot to hang out and enjoy nature.

Check out this short video I made when we visited the Infinity Farm.

This is another great spot for you to take a day trip and enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

Check out the other resource I created to learn more about the Infinity Farm.

Why Not Visit the Puerto Galera Waterfalls?

So far these is all the waterfalls I’ve visited here in the Philippines. If you want to visit them I highly recommend to come and visit us at Puerto Galera and start your adventure finding beautiful Philippines waterfalls here.

If you’re looking for a place to stay we would love to have you come stay with us here at BADLADZ Resorts. We have a lot to offer.

If you’re looking for long term and private living, we have the BADLADZ Apartment that you can avail.

Lastly, we have the BADLADZ Beach & Dive Resort, which is a beachfront resort with a pool, International Restaurant, bar, and our full-service Pampered Spa on location for your relaxation.

Stay with us and we will help you arrange your trip to the beautiful Philippine waterfalls near us.


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