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What Makes Puerto Galera a Tropical Vacation Destination?

What’s so Special About Puerto Galera?

This is a question that I’ve brought myself to answer as to why Puerto Galera is such a great tourist destination, and why so many of our guests continue coming back year after year. In doing so, I’ve noticed a few things in particular that make Puerto Galera different and why it continues to grow in popularity over the years. Not only is the island of Mindoro really close to the capital city of the Philippines Manila giving it a leg up on other Philippine destinations; but this island also has a little something for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Getting to Puerto Galera

Logistics play a large role here and why many of our guests often travel to the island even if it’s only for an overnight stay. There are so many beautiful beaches and bays throughout the Philippines it oftentimes comes down to how much time you can afford off of work, and the travel time required to reach your destination. With over 7,000 islands, there are so many places with excellent views and pristine waters it’s often difficult to choose which location has the best of everything all in one place. One defining feature of Puerto Galera is how accessible it is.

If you’re coming from anywhere in the world, you simply:

  1. fly into Manila, the primary international airport in the Philippines.
  2. Then you take a bus or taxi down to Batangas Bay.
  3. Then a ferry across to Puerto Galera.

Click here for a detailed breakdown of how to get to Puerto Galera.

This allows Puerto Galera on the island of Mindoro to be away from the crowds of people, and yet still be easily accessible from the major city of Manila. Anyone who’s done any traveling in the Philippines knows that it usually takes an airplane, two jeepneys, a ferry or two, and a tricycle to get where you need to go. With so many destinations that take numerous logistical steps to reach your bed, Puerto Galera is a skip across the bay. For this reason alone, oftentimes we have guests coming back to stay with us at BADLADZ Adventure Resorts time and time again for smaller one and two-day trips due to the fact it is so conveniently close to the major city of Manila.

Puerto Galera a Tropical Vacation Destination

Another defining aspect of Puerto Galera is that it hasn’t been a great deal of commercialization. You won’t find any McDonalds or 15 Starbucks within 2 blocks of each other. For various reasons, Puerto Galera and the Muelle Pier bay in particular still have a wonderful mixture of small shops, beaches, and jungles surrounding the waterfronts. This is one of my personal favorite features. To wrap up this bundle of enjoyment, there are three top destinations within a 10-minute tricycle ride in Puerto Galera, White Beach, and Sabang all bringing their own flavor into the mix.

If you’re looking for a relaxing time on the beach, you’ve got it. If you’re looking for a fun-filled day of diving following that by hitting the town hard for a night out, you will find it will not disappoint. With a nearly infinite amount of activities to partake in, Puerto Galera sits as one of the top vacation destinations in the Philippines and for good reason based on everything it has to offer, and all in one convenient place.

White Beach Puerto Galera

Just a ten-minute trike ride away from the BADLADZ Dive Resort located right on Muelle pier you will find a popular tourist destination found here on the island known as White Beach. Here, is a small stretch of white sand that is lined with many restaurants and bars dotted along the beach walk along with a mix of accommodation thrown in as well. Often times when you visit White Beach you will have a plethora of people trying to sell you everything from small souvenirs to massages on the beach as you would expect to find with most touristy beaches around the islands of the Philippines.

What sets White Beach apart from some of the other famous beach tourist destinations found on the island of Mindoro is they will have music and live shows usually on busy nights when the sun goes down. You can also enjoy a fun bakla (crossdresser) show on the beach where they have a few tables and chairs set up in the sand. Laugh, have fun, and enjoy a relaxing drink on the beach or perhaps try one of the famous Mindoro slings which are served in a large tower while you enjoy the show. (best for open-minded individuals)

Sabang Beach Puerto Galera

If you’re looking for something that offers a bit more nightlife in Puerto Galera and are not really interested in the Bakala shows on White Beach, than Sabang offers some of the best nightlife action on the island with plenty of bars open into the early morning. With over ten girls’ bars on the Sabang strip alone, there’s always something fun to enjoy when looking for a nightlife experience here in Sabang beach. If the girly bars are not quite what you’re looking for, there are also a handful of ex-pat bars, restaurants, karaoke, and massage parlors spread out in the area of Sabang Beach as well. Sabang is also where you will find BADLADZ Adventure Resorts very own Pampered Spa massage parlor, and Thailand Fashion women’s clothing store.

Where to stay in Puerto Galera

After reading all of the above information you may be asking yourself where to stay in Puerto Galera, and the answer is actually quite simple. You want to be in the middle of all the action, conveniently located within the arrival port area, and somewhere that is not overcrowded with tourists and people trying to sell you junk you don’t need. BADLADZ Adventure Resorts covers all of that and more!

Stay with BADLADZ and be glad that you picked the best location, the friendliest staff, the best food, and of course the best accommodation available in Puerto Galera for an amazing price. So if you’re ready to plan your next holiday in Puerto Galera, contact us today and we will be more than happy to help make your dream a reality. Your next island paradise getaway is just a click away!




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