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Thinking of Working in the Philippines?

Are you thinking of working in the Philippines? Many travelers that venture the globe are constantly looking for ways to fund their travel while abroad and many will choose third world countries as a way to stretch their money even further than they could in a western country. If you are seriously thinking about finding a job here in the Philippines, here are a few things to consider if you want to work here. The average daily wage is about $7 – $8 per day and you will need a work visa (see Immigration Link below). There is NO Equal Opportunity Employment in the Philippines. In other words, they can and will age, sex and disability discriminate against you.

However, If you have a specialty skill this can increase your chances of finding employment, just like any other job market on the planet. Your specialty skill can and will make you stand out in the job market but there is one thing that reigns supreme over any level of skill and that happens to be the profit margin an employer will make hiring you over a local that can learn the same skill. Something to keep in mind during your search is that it’s hard for an employer to justify hiring a foreigner when they can get a Filipino to do the same job for A LOT less money.

Jobs in the Philippines

There are many jobs in the Philippines where foreigners may be hired such as in the picture above which is a typical call center in the Philippines, as a foreigner you might even be in charge of a team in one of these. There are many of them in the Philippines so if you can get your foot in the door you might have a chance at these types of businesses as they do profit quite nicely and the owners may want some outside perspective when it comes to their opportunities for growth within their given niche.

One of the first things I would ask is, do you have another source of income OR are you planning on your Philippine job to support you? Having another source of income prior to settling down in the Philippines could be the deciding factor between success and failure.

Having some money saved up or a steady income when you arrive will allow you to look around the area you’re in and decide what might work best for you and what opportunities are available.

A little online research before you arrive might save you some time and money. See links below for some Philippine Job search websites. One of the great things about working in the Philippines is you don’t have to worry about some of the same things you would if you were working in the western world. There are a few great opportunities to find jobs in the Philippines for foreigners and ex-pats and you will notice them quite quickly when you have grown accustomed to your surroundings and the Philippine lifestyle. Not only is the cost of living in the Philippines much cheaper, but many of the day-to-day costs of transportation and food will be quite different from what you are used to.

Transportation is a big part of getting a job in the USA and other countries unless you live right next to your employer you have to have a car or hope someone will drop you off and pick you up whenever you need them to. In the Philippines, they have in my opinion one of the best public transportation systems around. Just about anywhere you look there is some type of taxi, jeep, motorized tricycle, train (MRT/LRT), and even pedicab/tricycle cab (bicycle with a sidecar…leg power) and it is VERY inexpensive to use vs. owning a car.

Filipinos are very good at getting around using the above-mentioned transportation system and the great thing is YOU can learn it easily which can save you money on owning a car and dealing with the traffic and the expensive cost of gasoline here.

Living in the Philippines

While many travelers come to the islands of the Philippines for a short vacation, some often times will turn around and make it more of a staycation after experiencing the great lifestyle offered here in the Philippines. Living in the Philippines is an amazing experience that many travelers and ex-pats around the islands have grown to cherish and appreciate not only for the lower cost of living compared to the country they come from but from the sheer hospitality felt by the locals and neighbors alike. There are also some huge differences you will notice while living in the Philippines not only from the transportation methods and the cost but also the public transportation can be a crazy and wild experience in itself at the same time.

Traditional Jeepneys are used for public transportation, the average cost to ride one locally is about 20 cents or 8 to 10 Philippine Pesos. Just be prepared when you arrive and you will give yourself the best opportunity to get a job and take advantage of all the wonderful things the Philippines has to offer.

Philippines Immigration Fee Schedule

Job Sites

Hope that gives you some good tips to get started. With so many opportunities in the Philippines for finding work as a foreigner, it’s no wonder many ex-pats and travelers make the Philippines a top destination for most itineraries. If you are looking for a big city you can surely get lost in Manila, if it white sandy beaches there are over seven thousand islands in the Philippines as well. If you are looking for someplace that has amazing diving sites and everything else mentioned above then there is no other place offering the best of everything the Philippines has to offer than Puerto Galera.

If you would like more information on finding working in the Philippines, online work opportunities, or just a little clarification on some of the requirements for obtaining a work visa in the Philippines for a foreigner in the country feel free to stop by and say hello at any of our BADLADZ Adventure Resorts right here in Puerto Galera. If you’re looking for the perfect island getaway from the big city of Manila, and want everything a tropical vacation on an island has all in one place, book a room with us today and you will be glad you did.




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