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The Top 7 Scuba Diving Tips For Beginners

With over 6 thousand scuba dives, I am not just making these up, and all of these scuba diving tips for beginners will also apply every time you go scuba diving for the rest of your life, promise.


  • Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners
  • First, no alcohol the night before
  • Second, Get a good night’s sleep!
  • Third, Eat a lovely light, nutritious meal
  • Forth, No Fear
  • Fifth, what to bring
  • Sixth, listen to your instructor
  • Seventh, DON’T TOUCH
  • Are you looking for your first scuba diving adventure?

Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

These tips have nothing to do with your dive equipment; your professional instructors will teach you everything you need to know about that.

I am talking about you being physically & mentally prepared. Scuba Diving is a new experience for your mind and body, so you will need to be ready for all the new sensations and physical activity. These tips will apply to every dive you make even after becoming certified.

First, NO Alcohol the Night Before

There are obvious reasons resulting from the residual alcohol in your system. Slower reaction times, loss of coordination, hazy memory, etc., and alcohol dehydrates you, which is also the cause of your hangovers!

Coffee is also a mild diuretic that causes you to urinate more and dehydrate, so only one cup in the morning.

The air in your scuba cylinders is dry, so that you will lose more fluid to this dry air, and even the warm water will make your lungs work harder to warm up the atmosphere and increase moisture loss. So you see, many things are conspiring to rob you of fluids, and all this adds up to your body not being happy and making your first dives less fun.

Second, Get a Good Night's Sleep!

Scuba Diving is a sport, and it will be tiring like all sports. You will be moving your body the whole time, getting in and out of the water, in the Sun heating up and in the water cooling down. If you are not well-rested, then your body & mind will not be happy. Rest so that you can enjoy.

Third, Eat a Lovely Light, Nutritious Meal

You will be burning a lot of calories. Remember, your body has never done this before, so it will take some extra exertion to use the equipment and control your body underwater. You will be weightless, which is cool, but it also takes some effort and additional coordination to maintain your position in the water.

The water will not be the same temperature as your body, and it acts as a heatsink, draining the warmth from your system. Even in the Philippines, where the ocean is an average of 27 degrees Celsius, this is still below your average body temperature of 36 degrees. Your metabolism will compensate by burning more calories to keep warm.

Plus, the excitement of this new experience will also make your heart pump faster and, yes, burn more calories.

Fourth, No Fear

Most people fear the water because they cannot see beneath the surface. Trust me; it is beautiful, tranquil & serene. Do not be concerned, anxious, or scared, and Scuba Diving is one of the safest sports in the world because the equipment and training have been developed over many years and will not let you down. Also, nothing in the water wants to bite you, don’t believe the movies. You have a better chance of being killed by a falling coconut! Promise, it’s statistically valid.

Fifth, What to Bring

Again this is all about keeping your body happy. Your dive shop should supply lots of drinking water, but you will want to make sure. Bring a hat and sunblock. Your wetsuit will protect your body, but your head and face will be exposed directly to the Sun. Even if the boat has a roof, the Sun’s rays will be reflected off the water onto your face. That means sunglasses too for eye protection. A light windbreaker is nice also if you will be doing multiple dives. As I said before, the water will suck the heat out of your body, and even a light breeze can feel cool.

The right equipment will make this much more enjoyable.

OK, so now you are Physically & Mentally prepared for this new adventure.

Sixth, Listen to your Instructor

Scuba Diving training techniques have been developed over the years to focus on the most important aspects of diving. The basic skills you will learn are necessary, and you will use them every time you dive. The safety and physiology lessons are essential to understanding the different world you are entering.

Scuba Diving is as close as we will ever get to going to another planet, and there are many similarities. We need life support systems to survive in this new environment, and, like the moon, we will be weightless. You will also be seeing things you have never seen before so do not get over-excited and remember safety is the most important thing to focus on.

Take your time, relax; your instructors are trained to be patient, and they really want you to be successful, so trust them.

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Seventh, DON'T TOUCH

Nothing in the ocean wants to bite you, BUT most of the creatures living here are built to protect themselves from predators, which means poisons, venom, spikes & teeth. If YOU threaten them or touch them, then the fault is yours. I promise you, and there are deadly fish that look like rocks and shimmering sea urchins secreting poison. The coral is also a living organism with toxins that make your life miserable.

The other aspect of this is that much of what you see is fragile, and any damage you do will take years to repair. So be careful and be an observer. Take nothing home but memories and the new friendships you will undoubtedly make scuba diving.

Are you Looking for your First Scuba Diving Adventure?

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