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8 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Scuba Dive in Puerto Galera

This is for all of the Dive Seekers! I am sure you have thought about learning how to Scuba Dive. Maybe you are already a certified diver and have found yourself googling ‘diving spots near me’ when you are bored at work or maybe ‘how much does a scuba set cost?
Here I will tell you why you should come scuba diving with us or get your PADI License and learn how to Scuba Dive in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.

Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the World

The Philippines is located in the Coral Triangle where the vast majority of the worlds coral reef and fish are found. Verde Island, located in front of Puerto Galera, is the Center of this area and has more species present than any other place on earth. Scientists consider Puerto Galera and Verde Island to be the true epicenter of marine biodiversity.

Scuba Dive in Puerto Galera

You can literally Scuba Dive here every day of your life and not see all the tens of thousands of marine species & organisms that live here.

Close To Manila

To start with you will be looking for a Scuba Diving location that is easy and cheap to travel to. There are a number of reasons for this. Maybe you want to do your course over a few weekends. The PADI Open Water course for beginners only takes 4 days so you can do it straight through or break it up into smaller sessions.

Once you learn to dive you will want to keep diving and Puerto Galera is only 3 hours from the city of Manila and, at the time I am writing this, it’s less than P1,000 for the Bus & Ferry to Puerto Galera.
This makes it very affordable and accessible.

Over 30 Dive Sites

When you start diving your instructors will be taking you to calm, protected areas to do your lessons, learn how to control your body underwater and get accustomed to your equipment. There will still be lots of pretty fishies to look at but you will be doing your lessons over a sandy bottom so you do not damage the corals.

However, once you master your training you will certainly want to do MORE and try sites with greater challenges.
Puerto Galera has everything for the beginner all the way up to technical sites if you decide to get really serious about diving.

For people that think they have ‘seen it all’ then you need to dive with our professional Dive Masters, Guides & Instructors. They will introduce you to a myriad of marine creatures from the teeny tiny to the tricky & mysterious that you never knew existed.

Training Continues

PADI, Professional Association of Diving Instructors, is by far the largest, safest and most thorough dive training organization in the world. You can start learning as early as 8 years old and continue your training as far as your personal goals push you to achieve.

The more you dive, the more you will probably want to learn about diving. With so many possibilities you can delve into Wreck, Night, Deep or Drift Diving. There is Underwater Navigation, Photography or maybe take a Rescue course to learn how to help yourself and others. Of course there are also Marine Conservation courses for those really interested in helping the environment.
There is always more to learn.

Great Visibility

Once you learn to Scuba Dive in Puerto Galera your fascination could induce you to document your amazing underwater adventures. The best way, of course, is Photos & Videos. Underwater camera equipment has become much cheaper over the last few years and digitally stored images make it cheap & easy to edit and share your experiences.

Scuba Dive in Puerto Galera

The main components of good pictures are light & Visibility. We almost always have both. The ocean here is very clean and the beautiful fish and coral are all between 5 to 25 meters which allows the natural sunlight to penetrate and show off the brilliant colors. You will still need some camera lights to truly capture this silent world but having the clear water for visibility that allows the natural light to penetrate makes this much easier.

Space Travel

Scuba Diving is honestly the closest any of us will ever get to traveling into Outer Space but it is amazingly similar. First, we need special equipment to breathe and survive. Similarly, you will be weightless and able to float around without touching the ground.

Scuba Dive in Puerto Galera

However the greatest part is the Wild, Weird creatures you will see! Straight out of a science fiction movie, I promise. The space aliens you see in the movies are not as mind blowing as the ones in our own oceans.

Some marine biologists believe that octopus are actually an alien species that arrived on earth as frozen eggs 540 million years ago. Well, you can decide on that but, for sure, they definitely are different!

New Friends

This sport is not just about diving, it is about meeting interesting people. Every dive is an adventure on a boat with lots of time to enjoy the scenery, feel the breeze, absorb the sunshine and meet new people. Scuba Diving attracts people from all countries, all ages, all cultures and they all come to Puerto Galera for the same reasons as you.
So very many lifelong friendships start here as you discuss the world above & below the waves

Scuba Dive in Puerto Galera


The cost of Scuba Diving equipment concerns many people.
At BADLADZ Beach & Dive Resort we make it simple. Don’t buy your gear, use ours! We have only ‘top of the line’ AQUALUNG Scuba Gear and APEKS Balanced Regulators. A balanced regulator is used by professional & technical divers and ensures that you can breathe easily and safely regardless of how deep you dive, how much air is in your tank or how hard you are working underwater. They are exactly what you would buy for yourself.

This equipment is as good or better than the gear you would personally choose, therefore one less thing to worry about. So nothing to buy, nothing to carry. Just show up at the dive shop with a swimsuit and a smile then you are ready to start having Fun, Fun, Fun!

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