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Puerto Galera Shooting Range

Have you ever fired a gun? Do you want to get some shooting practice in on your next vacation in the Philippines? At the Puerto Galera Shooting Range, you can discover another one of Puerto Galera’s great activities.

As you can probably tell, we love it here in Puerto Galera. It is a wonderful place full of adventure and fun for all of those Philippine explorers looking for more than just another tourist-filled beach and shopping vendors trying to sell you something. There are numerous things to do, from world-renowned scuba diving, amazing waterfalls, local villages, and great nightlife that keeps the party going until the early morning.

The other day, we visited the Puerto Galera Shooting Range for some fun with guns in the sun. It was a rocking day at the gun range, watch the video below to see all the fun we had.

Puerto Galera Shooting Range Video

The outdoor firing range in Puerto Galera is located in the jungle. It sits immediately behind an elementary school where kids go every day to learn about why guns are dangerous (among other things :)).

As you’d expect, there are some great toys to play with at the gun range and we had our fun trying all the options available. On the wall above reception, you can see 357s, 44 Magnums, and Lugers. They have an AK-47, as well as a Croatian Commando automatic rifle.

We took a few of the weapons for a spin. Watch the video above to see how much fun it was.

The outdoor firing range here is run by Willy, an experienced shooter with a bucketload of experience running this gun range. You can come in here and you can get lessons if it’s your first time have no worries as the staff is well trained to offer you lessons as well. Willy will show you how to handle the gun, how to aim, how to fire, and how to get the most from the tool. You’ll have a blast. It’s one of those skills that may come in handy one day, though hopefully not. It’s the sort of skill that you’d rather know and not need, instead of need and not know.

Shooting Sports

With a lot of shooting sports becoming more and more popular these days it’s no wonder so many tourists that come to the Philippines choose to come to give the Puerto Galera range a try. From moving targets to still ones, this is a great range to practice your shooting sports skills and better your aim no matter what your choice of device for shooting you can hone in your skills here even while on vacation and the best part about this gun shooting range is that it is so close to all the main attractions found here in Puerto Galera. So no matter what your shooting sport happens to be whether, archery, small arms, or tactical guns; come to the range during your next visit to the island and perfect your skills during your stay on the island.

Types of guns available

In the video above, we take the Croatian Commando rifle for a spin. It uses the same ammunition as an American M16, an Armalite. However, this baby is lighter and has less recoil. This rifle is a beautiful gun; lightweight and fast and with the light recoil it was a pleasure to fire at this awesome target shooting range. You’ve got the option for single shots or… full AUTO ????.

This is just another one of the fantastic activities in Puerto Galera and is a great hit with all the guests staying with us at BADLADZ who choose to give this good time at the gun range a try. As you can see, it’s more than just diving and hot Filipina girls here in Puerto Galera but the fun and adventure can be found everywhere on the island.

When you come here, enjoy the Puerto Galera diving as well as the exciting nightlife. But don’t forget to check out the outdoor firing range. The gun range is about a 10-minute walk from BADLADZ Adventure Resorts. It’s a great place to spend the day and if you are in the area, definitely worth a visit while on the island. There’s also lots of ice-cold beer and tasty food you can find near the range.

Get lessons, bring your own weapons and meet a variety of interesting people.

And if you watch the video above, you’ll find out it’s not just for guys. See the girl on the range? That’s not his girlfriend… that’s the range officer.

UPDATED: Puerto Galera Outdoor Firing Range Interview

For more information, go to the Puerto Galera Shooting Range website. If you would like more information on how you to can come to enjoy this fun and adrenaline-pumping range right here in Puerto Galera, come see us at BADLADZ Adventure Resorts and we would be more than happy to help you and your group plan your visit to the Puerto Galera gun shooting range. For more information on activities in Puerto Galera and how to get to the BADLADZ Adventure Resorts from Manila, check out our other blogs as we offer free information on the Philippines, getting to Puerto Galera from Manila, and other travel and business topics on the Philippines.




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