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Puerto Galera Outdoor Firing Range

There are a lot of things to do in Puerto Galera, but one of my favorites is going to the Puerto Galera Outdoor Firing Range.

About Puerto Galera Outdoor Firing Range

Puerto Galera Outdoor Firing Range has been in open for 13 years as of 2016. They have thousands of rounds that have been shot down range and have never had an accident or safety problem.

I had a blast going out to the range and interviewing Wilfredo “Willie” Fedelicio, who is an owner and manager at the firing range.

Willie is a member of the National Range Officers Institute of the Philippines. He is a trained Gun Safety Instructor and has trained thousands of people from all over the world in gun safety and handling.

You can watch that interview video below.

Puerto Galera Outdoor Firing Range Interview

Available Equipment at the Outdoor Firing Range

As far as equipment, you will find long guns and small guns for different types of shooters so you can get a wide range of different experiences when shooting if you want to experience several kinds of guns.

For long guns, there are various kinds of rifles. For the small guns, they have pistols and revolvers.

If you want to know the specific types of guns they have, watch the video above if you haven’t already as he gives several examples of the types of guns they can make available to shoot or train on.

You can even shoot like Dirty Hairy “…go ahead…make my day!”

You can also go to their website below and see some examples of the guns available to shoot.

Gun Safety on the Firing Range

When you get there you will be greeted by friendly staff and will sit down to discuss the rules of the range and sign a waiver.

There are some restrictions, anyone under 14 years old is not allowed to shoot. Also, remember, you must sign the waiver and pledge to be safe.

You will get the initial brief and then you will go to the firing area where the instructor(s) will give you a further brief as well as supply you with ear protection. They will be in control of the ammo right up until the point of shooting the gun.

Once you’re ready to shoot and have a feel for the gun, the ammo will be provided and they will walk you through shooting the gun once you’re “hot” and the gun is live.

Then it is up to you to take the proper safety precautions, take the gun off safety and have fun shooting the targets down range.

Going To the Outdoor Firing Range

It’s best to call ahead*, especially if you have a group so you can ensure the range staff will be expecting you and can have everything ready for you when you arrive.

From BADLADZ Beach & Dive Resort then it will take you 7-10 minutes by trike or motorbike.

If you’re coming from White Beach or Sabang, it will be about a 20-25 minute ride there by vehicle, trike or motorbike.

Going To the Outdoor Firing Range

To learn more about Puerto Galera Outdoor Firing Range, check out their website here.

* pricing has changed, please contact them before you go at:

Phone: (+63) 0918 5399007

Email: shoot@puertogalerarange.com


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