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Puerto Galera Kayaking

Are you looking for a great Puerto Galera adventure? Well, why not try the fun and exciting sport of Puerto Galera kayaking. This is one of the many water activities you can enjoy here in Puerto Galera and is quite fun.

Puerto Galera Kayaking

Kayaking is the best way to see the coastline here on the island. Its not just a fun activity but is also a great exercise for staying in shape as well. In a kayak, you can paddle close to shore and inspect rocks, cliffs, and rivers that are not accessible by boat due to the shallow water. Often times the reef keeping larger boats away in the deeper waters.

The best part about using a kayak is that anyone can do it. All you have to do is put on your life vest, grab your kayak paddles and head out if the water is calm enough. Here in Puerto Galera, the water is calm most of the time throughout the year which makes it the perfect location. Enjoy kayak boats or learn how it’s done if this is your first time trying.

Puerto Galera Kayaking

Recently I went out for a little adventure into the unknown which just so happens to be one of my favorite things to do when it comes to this sport. You can literally pick up your boat and gear and head out to just about any place that has some water present. Explore the area where most people on land can only see from shore.

They also make some kayak paddles that will fold down into a more travel-friendly package. Taking your expeditions to new places all without being troublesome hauling around as you go.

Puerto Galera Kayak Trip into the Unknown

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Puerto Galera so I decided to go out with just my swimming gear, hat, and sunglasses. I embarked on a kayak trip leaving from the BADLADZ Beach Resort to Varadero Bay. It was not very far from the resort when you really think about it.

I started off by running against the current and wind to make the trip easier on the way home. Cruising by a fishing village I paddled along a beach of typical native homes.

The tide was one of the highest of the year, water reaching to the doorsteps of some houses. Many of the houses were built right along the river. At one point it had felt like I was almost paddling thru people’s living rooms.

Then a river I had never seen before appeared, visible and accessible because of the exceptionally high tide. So up I went, the jungle closing in around me as I ventured further. It was amazing to have been able to enjoy this adventure as I wasn’t expecting to have found such a unique and tropic path along my journey.

It was really nice to be out of the sun for a while and into some of the tropical brush at this point. The sun being at its peak hour of the day was really wearing me down at this time.

Hidden Village

Now I was behind the little village as the river ran parallel to shore. At one point a narrow bamboo bridge spanned the stream, inches from the water, but the kayak fit under surprisingly enough. The further I went, little huts cuddled up beside the river, but no souls appeared. My kayak moving soundlessly thru the freshwater was an amazing experience to of had.

On I went, portaging some shallow spots. Pushing through barricades of hanging vines till finally, the little river became too shallow to navigate and too far to walk barefoot carrying a kayak. Back I went, the way I had come.

This time an old lady lying in the shade of her bamboo hut saw me ghosting down the stream, surely not a common sight. She sat up, eyes huge, got up, and followed me along with her balcony as I stroked by. She was most likely definitely surprised to see a foreigner paddling through her neck of the woods.

Then, as I got closer to the river mouth I had arrived back again at the hanging bridge that crossed my path. I pulled the kayak from the water and followed the winding dirt path thru the mangrove swamps and fishing village. I emerged into the sunlight to startle two fishermen completely reclined beneath a shade tree. They remained absolutely speechless, even to my hearty morning greeting “Magandang Umaga!” (Good Morning).

The Philippines is full of surprises and it was nice to be one of them on this breathtakingly beautiful day. This area is only at this tide point very seldom so it was a great opportunity to explore this area while I could.

Puerto Galera Kayaking Video

Here’s a video of the expedition into the heart of darkness that I had taken:

Come Kayaking in Puerto Galera

If you’re looking for things to do here in Puerto Galera. Would like to experience some great kayaking adventures of your own come visit us here on the Island. Stop by and talk to us at the BADLADZ Beach & Dive Resort where we have two kayaks, one single-person kayak, and a two-person kayak. We would be more than happy to help you get geared up and out on the water to experience this great sport for yourself.

You can paddle out with a couple of friends and ride around the bay in front of the resort. Take a solo trip around to many of the beautiful points and coves found all around our amazing resort. Head out in either direction from the resort and you’re going to see beautiful views of the bay and coastline.


Editors Note: This blog post was originally published June 28, 2013, and has been updated with revised and additional content.

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