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Puerto Galera Festival

Puerto Galera has been a popular tourist destination for foreigners and locals alike. So if you want to relax or enjoy one of the many adventures here in Puerto Galera, then this the perfect place for you. Aside from what Puerto Galera is already popular and known for, there’s still a lot more to see and experience here. Take for example the Puerto Galera Festival that is celebrated annually.

There’s a lot of festivals in the Philippines. I have created a list of the 10 most popular festivals around the country and here in Puerto Galera.

So far these are the most popular festivals around the Philippines. Also, you will find that we have our own Puerto Galera festivals and events celebrated annually.

Puerto Galera Festival and Events

Besides these festivals celebrated in the Philippines mentioned above, Puerto Galera also has some of its own celebrated annually.

They are the:

  • Banana Festival
  • De Galera Festival
  • National Tourism Week

Banana Festival

Banana Festival, as the name suggests is the festival that is all about bananas that grow abundantly in the area. This festival is celebrated from March 18th to 19th every year.

During the festival, a series of competitions are held including the cook-off using bananas as the main ingredient. They are focusing on the type of banana called “Saba” which originated here in the Philippines. The one that has the best tasting dish will win the competitions.

Puerto Galera Festival

The highlight of the festival is the street dancing with costumes inspired by bananas. Prepared months before the actual celebration. During the street dance, everyone is welcome to join the party on the street.

De Galera Festival

De Galera Festival showcases the rich historical, cultural heritage, and natural resources of Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera Festival

Celebrated every May 9 – 12 every year the highlight of the festival is the parade at the sea together with the devotees of Our Lady of Fatima.

National Tourism Week

Another awesome Puerto Galera festival is the National Tourism Week. This is where the Philippine International visitors are honored every third week of September. Activities and fairs are held along Sabang, White beach, and the Big and Small La Laguna beaches.

This is where the residents can showcase the local products to the tourists and for the tourists to learn and appreciate the region’s culture.

A lot of our guests find it’s nice to stay at the BADLADZ properties as it allows them to step away from the hustle and bustle of the festival each day.

Puerto Galera Music Festival

Here in Puerto Galera, besides the Festivals, they also have some of the best Music Events in the Country.

They are the:

  • Reggae Festival
  • Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival

Puerto Galera Reggae Festival

Reggae Festival is one of the most highly anticipated in Puerto Galera every year. Celebrated every 30th of April. This festival is fairly new, it started around four years ago here in Puerto Galera with several bands participating.

Puerto Galera Festival

This festival shows how Filipinos love music, especially in this genre.

Tourists and locals enjoy the Reggae Festival regardless of where they’re from. This is the time when they can party and have fun under the common language of music. This is also a big break for any local bands because this is where they can be discovered.

Puerto Galera Malasimbo Festival of Music and Arts

The biggest Music Event celebrated here is the Puerto Galera Malasimbo Festival of Music and Arts. The first of its kind in Asia. Celebrated every March and divided into two weekends with different genres.

The first weekend will showcase artists from all around the world both upcoming and professional. If you’re into world music, banging beats, and jazz fusion, I suggest you should be at this weekend event.

On the second weekend, the venue will be the place for the best funk, hip-hop, house, and electronic music acts. Energetic dance crews and an amazing lights show combined together to get you grooving under the moon and the stars.

The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival takes place at the foothill of Mt. Malasimbo. This shows how the traditional and contemporary arts and culture are combined while protecting and sustaining the environment.

Other than music and arts, the festival also centers on promoting the Mangyans group and their culture. Attendees of the festival can get involved in planting trees and mangroves. Mangyans will also be selling their handicrafts and souvenirs. The funds gathered will provide educational incentives to the youth. It will also help to provide solar power to the village, so don’t forget to buy some souvenirs to support the community.

Don’t miss this fun-filled weekend of great music and beautiful arts for a cause.

Accommodations in Puerto Galera Festival and Events

These are just some of the Puerto Galera Festival and events that tourists and locals can enjoy while staying here.

If you’re looking for accommodations in Puerto Galera Events and Festivals. Come and stay with us at BADLADZ Beach Resort we can assist you with advice on where to go and how to participate in any of these Puerto Galera festivals.

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After having fun with the Puerto Galera festivals you can swim and relax at our beachfront pool. Have a cold beverage from the bar and lay down on one of our hammocks by the beach and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean.


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