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Puerto Galera Activities

For those coming to Puerto Galera, get ready for one hell of a time. With numerous Puerto Galera activities and adventures, you’ll have the time of your life when you stay here.

With beautiful scenery, ice-cold beverages, and abundant opportunities to get your adrenaline pumping, Puerto Galera is a tropical paradise.

Water Activities in Puerto Galera / best and top things to do in puerto galera

There are tons of Puerto Galera activities to choose from once you arrive here. There are serene waterfalls to explore, Mangyan Villages to visit and jungles to trek through. You can climb a mountain, go scuba diving or rent a few motorbikes and travel around the island.

To get you started let me talk more about some of the Puerto Galera activities you can do. If you stay at BADLADZ, we can show you where to go to have the time of your life. Let’s start with the most popular one, Scuba Diving.

Go Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is the main attraction in Puerto Galera by far.

Puerto Galera is becoming more popular as the years pass because of its abundant marine life and has world-class dive sites all around us. In fa,ct Puerto Galera has been awarded as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

There are at least 40 Puerto Galera dive sites you can choose from. Ancient shipwrecks, stunning coral and beautiful fish are some of the things you’ll see while diving here.

From beginners to advanced, the diving here is magnificent in every way. For more information about diving packages here in Puerto Galera check out BADLADZ Scuba Diving.

The second one is Island Hopping.

best and top things to do in puerto galera / Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

Go Island Hopping and Beach Hopping

Island Hopping is probably the second most popular activity you can do while you’re here. Puerto Galera Island Hopping and Beach Hopping is a great way to see some of the beautiful beaches around the island.

Some of the most popular destinations for island hopping are Boquete Island, San Antonio Island, Haligi Beach, and Bayanan Beach. By going to these destinations you’ll see the beauty of the island and the freshness of its crystal clear waters.

While you’re at it, going from one island to another you might as well try snorkeling.

Go Snorkeling

While scuba diving is going deep underwater, snorkeling is just in the sea level and shallow waters so you don’t need diving gear to do this, you just need goggles, a snorkel, and your good to go.

The best snorkeling destination here in Puerto Galera is the Coral Garden, the Giant Clams and the San Antonio Island underwater cave. All of these locations are well preserved making it perfect to see different kinds of fish, beautiful corals, and many types of marine life.

While doing this activity don’t forget to bring your underwater camera because this is perfect for underwater photography.

Puerto Galera Snorkeling

There are also some other water activities you can enjoy here, they are:

  • Swimming
  • Jetskis
  • Waterskiing
  • Banana Boats
  • Kayaking
  • Speedboats

Aside from a series of water activities, there are also tons of land activities you can try here as well. You can try paintball shooting at the X-Treme Sports Philippines Adventure Park.

Paintball and Go Karts

The X-Treme Sports Philippines Adventure Park is just 10 minutes away from BADLADZ Dive Resort in Muelle Pier. They offer multiple extreme activities here, one of them is shooting paintballs.

You’ll go as a group and storm through the jungle with a paintball gun in hand, shooting at your enemies in the trees. You’ll have to move and act fast here, otherwise, you’ll end up with a painted face.

fun group activities

This is just one of the extreme sports you can do here, but if you want more adrenaline popping activity then try the 200cc Go Karts, ATVs, and off-road buggies.

You can hop into one of the 200cc go carts and rip around the track. The awesome thing about this is you’ll get a chance to enjoy the beautiful tropical scenery around as you go through the course. Now if you want to get dirty, try the ATV or the off-road buggies, and you will get plenty of mud on you.

The off-road track winds its way through coconut trees and giant puddles of mud. So get ready to be splattered with mud. With all these extreme activities, it will sure make you scream with excitement once you try it.

Another activity that I know the big boys will surely enjoy, is the Shooting Range.

Shooting Range

To go shooting you need to be at the Puerto Galera Outdoor Firing Range, this is the only firing range here in Puerto Galera. It’s just a few minutes away from BADLADZ Dive Resort and it’s on the same land as the extreme park.

The shooting range has been operating for 13 years and ever since there are no accidents reported here. That’s how safe this firing range is. So if you feel like shooting and wanna be an action star with different guns, this is the perfect activity for you. Read more about the Firing Range here.

If you like flying and want to feel the fresh air in the skies, then going paragliding is the perfect activity for you.

Go Paragliding

To go paragliding, you will need your own gear as there are currently no guides here. Next, you’ll need to be at the Domingo Fly Site in Puerto Galera overlooking the northern part of the island.

The site is not a “drive up and fly” type of site. You will have to drive up the mountain for about 10-15 minutes and then it is another 30+ minutes trek through the jungle and at often times near vertical inclines. Its a long travel time but it will be worth it once you reach the fly site. You will also have to get permission to go up here and leave your ID at the security station.

When you’re at the fly site, you’re approximately 600m (2000 ft) above sea level. You’ll have great views of the northern part of Mindoro Island. This is a perfect activity for someone who would like to go flying and witness the beautiful views in the process.

Some tourist coming here in Puerto Galera are golfers and lucky for them we have a golf course here as well.

Play Golf in the Mountain

Playing golf here in Puerto Galera is awesome as it’s on the mountainside overlooking the northeastern part of Mindoro Island. The Ponderosa Golf Club is located about 35 minutes away from BADLADZ Dive Resort.

This golf course is the perfect place to enjoy a fantastic view of the ocean while playing Golf.

land activities in puerto galera

Visit Tamaraw Falls

Tamaraw falls is one of the best destinations for a half a day trip. It is a series of smaller waterfalls that combine and make up the larger waterfall that flows down the mountain into a refreshing pool below.

These beautiful falls is a 40-minute drive from Puerto Galera towards Calapan City. One can simply hire a tricycle to get there. If you’re staying at BADLADZ we can arrange a private van for your transportation.

Once your there you can swim in cool and clean water at the foot of the falls. You can have a picnic and some barbecue in one of the picnic huts. This is one awesome way to enjoy nature here in the Philippines.

You can read more about the Tamaraw Falls here.

Visit Tukuran Falls

This is another waterfall you can surely enjoy here as one of the Puerto Galera activities, the Tukuran falls. To reach this falls it will be a 1 – 1.5-hour drive to the amazing hanging bridge constructed by the Mangyan people.

This bridge connects the old world to our modern world and you can visit the native town nearby. After the bridge, you can choose to either hike or take the carabao cart to the hidden spring where the Tukuran falls are.

This is a beautiful and very scenic ride that crosses rolling plains, tropical forests, rice paddies, and shallow rivers. Upon arrival, you can take a dip in the wonderfully clear waters of the falls. A BBQ lunch can be provided for you from one of our resorts to enjoy at the falls should you desire that as well. Just inquire with our staff a day in advance.

If you want to read more about the Tukuran Falls click here.

Mangyan Village Tour

On your way to these waterfalls you might see some small villages, they are the Mangyans.

The Mangyans are the indigenous people of Mindoro and they work to preserve the traditional way of life of their people.

Here are BADLADZ we can arrange a Mangyan Village tours for you which is an interesting and informative tour. It will really give you an insight into the local history of the people and the area.

fun group activities

Watch Cockfights

This is one the Filipino pass time that most of the tourist enjoy too. Every Sunday, make your way to the arena located just a few minutes away from BADLADZ Beach Resort and experience the excitement of the cockfights.

Ride a Motorcycle

If you like driving why not rent a motorcycle and drive around Puerto Galera.

You can explore the island on your own terms and go wherever you get the urge to go. Talk to the locals, seek out adventure, discover secluded beaches and be amazed by the beautiful scenery.

Enjoy the Nightlife

If you’re thinking of partying, then you’ll have a great time here. Puerto Galera has the best nightlife on the island of Mindoro, and it’s one of the reasons why many people choose to stay here.

Take your choice between two of the best nightlife hotspots, each less than 15 minutes away from the Beach Resort and the Dive Resort. Sabang is your destination for gentleman’s clubs and floating bars.

White Beach gives a glimpse into the popular gay culture of the Philippines and lets you party directly on the beach with the sand between your toes. It’s also the prime spot to watch the sunset as well as enjoy one of the specialty drinks of White Beach, the Mindoro Sling

These are just some of the Puerto Galera activities you can do once you’re here, there’s still a lot for you to discover. So what are you waiting for, book your stay now at BADLADZ and we will help you arrange any Puerto Galera activities you choose.


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