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Philippines Medical Care for Tourist, Foreigners and Expats

You must be wondering how is the Philippines Medical Care for tourists, Foreigners, and Expats?

Well, let me give you some advice about what you should do and how the Philippines medical care works.

Philippines Medical Care

A friend of mine recently had Brain Surgery in the Philippines. Trust me, these are definitely NOT the words you want to use in the same sentence.

They did save him but he came out of it slightly twisted with a permanent slur which was certainly embarrassing for a reformed alcoholic.

Now, this could have happened anywhere but……….

My point is, the Philippines is still a developing country so don’t do any major medical procedures here if you have another option.

Philippines Medical Care for Tourist

Yes, I know it is said that the Philippines is considered a Medical Tourist destination but I think this is a little premature.

Maybe give it a few more years to mature until the proportion of medical specialists increases. 

The brain drain is mainly responsible for this as competent medical professionals move overseas for more money & opportunity.

Funny enough though, doctors from the Philippines must sometimes retrain as nurses to work in other countries as their credentials are not readily accepted there.

Nurses in the Philippines

Nursing is another matter as this is truly the land of caregivers and nurses. Hundreds of thousands of graduates here every year with credentials equivalent to higher standards.

About 19,000 leaves to work abroad every year but this still leaves plenty to take care of us.

This is probably the best place to retire and is the perfect situation as you can afford great Health Care plus Hot & Cold running CareGivers at a fraction of the cost at home.

Philippines Medical Care for Tourist

If you have pre-existing conditions or health issues it is best to stay near one of the major medical centers.

Living in the Philippines

Puerto Galera and Dumaguete are probably two of the best places to retire and live in the Philippines.

On the Beach with good Philippines Medical Care are what many retirees look for.

Luckily, competent Philippines medical care is readily available almost everywhere for most of the normal afflictions and accidents that might occur during your vacation or even your residency should you decide to stay long term.

BADLADZ Beach Resort Lawn Area

Also, any complex or traumatic issues can stabilize and prepare you for Ambulances or Air Services to whisk you off to a better-equipped location in one of the larger cities.

Then, if needed, to be repatriated back to your home country or a nearby Asian country for treatment.

Professional emergency response teams, Paramedics, are rare here especially once you are outside the city. So do not expect to get the immediate Emergency response you would demand from your country.

However, most of us are here for the Adventure and there is always a trade-off when you choose to travel or live in an area that is “Off The Beaten Path”.

Having lived in the Philippines for over 20 years and owning multiple resorts, motorcycle rentals, scuba diving, paintball games, hiking/trekking, etc. Having a staff of 60 we have had to seek Philippines medical care for ourselves & others on many occasions.

There has always been a Happy Ending with good doctors & nurses available in even the most remote locations.

Philippines Medical Care in Puerto Galera

I was compelled to write this after yet another mishap where I injured my silly self and had to walk bleeding into a rural health clinic.

Not the first time I promise you. Their treatment, as always, was quick & professional.

The doctors in these rural areas are usually fresh graduates working for cheap or free to get experience before moving on in their careers. Our experienced doctors have returned to the Philippines after a career abroad.

They ALL speak brilliant English which is vital for getting proper Philippines medical care. 

Most countries now have free health care so anything that can be done in that country should be done there.

It’s also a good idea to get a complete medical check-up before you come here or if you are staying long term when you arrive.

An Executive Med Check here starts at about US$200 for the basics and gives you an idea of your basic health. 

There is however a Dark factor to consider. If you are living here and get sick then be careful. The doctors here have figured out that they stop getting paid once the problem is solved. So ALWAYS acquire a 2nd and sometimes even a 3rd opinion.

I have personally seen cases where they have purposely misdiagnosed & mistreated an ailment to perpetuate the income.

That all being said, Philippines Medical care for tourist is Cheap and so is Medical Insurance.

Pacific Cross

Medicard Philippines

Kaiser International Health Group


The bottom line is :

Be Prepared, Be Careful and HAVE FUN !!!!



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