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Live and Work In The Philippines

It sounds like a great idea, right?

Escape the office, fire your boss and move to South East Asia.

Give up the cubicle for a desk by the beach and make money while relaxing beneath the coconut trees and enjoying all that the tropical lifestyle has to offer. This may seem like an impossible thing to some, but for most this is becoming a reality of life now with the amazing use of the internet at our fingertips, entrepreneurs now more than ever are choosing the digital travel lifestyle overworking endless hours back in their western country and enjoying life the way it was meant to be.

Scuba diving on Wednesday morning? Check.

Afternoon naps for as long as you please? Check.

Drink and party or wake up early and hit the gym? Check.

It’s simple – you CAN do this.

In fact, take a look at the picture above. That’s my office. I’m John, and I run the website at BADLADZ. Not only am I enjoying being a foreigner in the Philippines; but I am able to work all from my laptop and stay in constant communication with friends and family back home as well.

Jobs in the Philippines

Finding jobs in the Philippines is actually a lot more work than you may imagine. With the millions of locals living in poverty and the scarcity of work available for even the locals, it is no wonder why so many Philippine citizens send millions upon millions of dollars home from foreign countries every month. If your main goal is to find a job when you get to the Philippines, said to say but your chances of finding work here are slim to none. For most of the locals, it’s actually the reason why so many travel to countries like Singapore, Dubai, and Malaysia in search of finding better opportunities and steady consistent income which is something that is almost impossible to find here in the Philippines as it is.

If you have watched the videos, you’ll know that there are business opportunities in the Philippines. The problem is this – you can’t earn money like you can in the west. For most jobs, there are Filipinos who will work for a LOT less than you will. And given that they can sustain a lifestyle with less expense, they’ll beat you out of most jobs. You can forget about ordinary office jobs or becoming a laborer.

Did you know that laborers are lucky to make $5 a day here in the Philippines?

So unless you think you can survive on $5 a day, it’s best to look for other opportunities. Let me jump straight to the point without fluffing around. The best way to make money in the Philippines is to start a business in the Philippines. You can start a brick-and-mortar business where you sell a physical product. That can work and we know people who are doing it still today and really enjoying the lifestyle they have traded for what they originally had back in the west, however, that isn’t necessarily your best option.

Making Money Online is your Best Option.

I know… it sounds like a scam, and if you’re not careful online, you will find yourself caught hook-line-and-sinker. But for the hustlers serious about success, there is a real opportunity for you to live and work in the Philippines and it all starts with the right mindset and having a goal in mind for how to run your small business in the Philippines to its best potential. Here’s what you gotta do – find a way to earn money online and work from your laptop.

Throughout most of the Philippines, you can find a reliable internet connection. Once you get going, you’ll be fine. In fact, BADLADZ is currently hosting the first Tropical MBA Program, a 2-week conference in the Philippines that aims to educate people on how to do just that. You can learn more at the official website here.

Here’s the gist of the program – Imagine 15 fledgling entrepreneurs, all motivated to start their own business online and work from anywhere. All 15 people come and stay at BADLADZ, meeting for seminars, presentations, and of course, lots of fun Puerto Galera activities. After two weeks, they leave the resort with a clear action plan and a trajectory that puts them on the path to the success that they’re aiming for.

So if you want to start a business in the Philippines, you can. You just gotta find the way. You could sell vintage sunglasses online. You could sell digital photography courses. You could offer special training videos to people in your industry. The options are limitless and the potential is there. If you ever wanna talk biz, come on down to BADLADZ and we can explain more about how to do it.

Cost of Living in the Philippines

Another part about starting a small business in the Philippines is that you will have a very low cost of living while growing or starting your business here on the islands. Low overhead, makes starting your business in the Philippines a great option as you will have less time needed to start turning a profit from your company whether that happens to be online or not. The cheap cost of living in the Philippines is great for many foreigners moving here as this is something many are not used to when they first arrive and may take some time to fully understand the in’s and out’s of what things should really cost you while living here.

So if you are ready to finally turn things around and live the life you have always wanted on a tropical island in the middle of paradise, the choice is yours. If you would like more information on how you too can start a small business in the Philippines or perhaps learn more about starting an online company while living the dream life here on the islands come say hello to us as BADLADZ Adventure Resorts, and let’s make this dream a reality.




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