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Land Fun

If the world of water just isn’t your thing, no problem: there’s plenty of land activities in Puerto Galera to keep you busy!

Land Activities in Puerto Galera

There are a lot of choices when you’re looking for land activities in Puerto Galera so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. Below you will find activities such as:

  • Renting a Motorbike
  • Golf on the Mountain
  • Shooting Range
  • Killing Zombies
  • Mud Karts
  • Go-Karts
  • Quad Bikes
  • Zip Line
  • There’s plenty of fun to be had in Puerto Galera.


    One of our guests’ favorite land activities in Puerto Galera is to rent a few motorbikes and hit the open road. Sean always recommends motorbikes as the best way to experience the island of Mindoro: it allows you to see all the little barangays, or small villages, along the way, and be free to stop when you see something that interests you.

    There’s nothing like the feeling of the wind whipping through your hair as you head down the winding road.

    Motorcycle Rentals in Puerto Galera

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    Golf on the Mountain

    Visitors to Puerto Galera love golfing on the mountaintop at the popular Ponderosa golf range. This small golf course is the perfect place to enjoy a fantastic view of the ocean while you relax and unwind.
    land activities in puerto galera

    Shooting Range

    Puerto Galera has its very own shooting range open daily. One of the more popular land activities in Puerto Galera, our guests always have a great time practicing their target skills and blowing off some steam.

    Killing Zombies

    Yes, you read that right. In Puerto Galera, you can live out your zombie-slaying dreams in real life. Of course, they’re not real zombies, just zombie targets. Near the shooting range and adventure area of Puerto Galera, things are never dull!

    Mud Karts

    If your idea of a good time is to get real dirty, then you’ll definitely want to check out the mud karts here in Puerto Galera. Our guests love to get wet and wild, then spend the afternoon recovering by the Badladz pool.


    Satisfy your need for speed with go-karts in Puerto Galera. Head to the go-kart course for a good old-fashioned race against your friends, or just let it all go and enjoy an adventurous afternoon.
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    Quad Bikes

    Explore the terrain of the Philippines in style in a quad bike. It’s a perfect activity whether you are traveling with a friend, with your significant other or a group.

    Zip Line

    Have you ever dreamed of whizzing through the air on a mountain overlooking the ocean? If so, then ziplining in Puerto Galera is the activity for you. Our guests love to experience the free-falling sensation of ziplining during their beach vacation.

    We would love to have you come out and have an awesome time on your next holiday. If you would like to know more about staying with BADLADZ or have questions about any of the above activities, contact us today.

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