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Creepy Haunted Resort in the Philippines

Looking for a Creepy Haunted Resort in the Philippines? Well, here you go.

There are a few creepy haunted houses in the Philippines and a few haunted schools in the Philippines. But this one is by far one of the strangest buildings in the Philippines that I have discovered so far. If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines and looking for something fun and exciting to experience off the beaten path. Then this haunted resort is one of the creepiest places in the Philippines.

I am unaware of any haunted places in Manila but if your up for a bit of exploring and looking for something that will really get your blood pumping you should definitely take a look at this unique attraction. I was doing some exploring in San Narciso, Zambales on Luzon island which is just north of Manila, and while adventuring around the area I came across this mystery.

Haunted Resort in the Philippines

It’s no surprise to see this type of abandoned haunted resort in the Philippines as there are many investors more than willing to build new properties here as the economy fluctuates over time. There are abandoned resorts found all over the Philippines for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it can be due to poor planning and expectations of revenue gain for a given location. Sometimes it all boils down to poor management choices. Nonetheless, these types of haunted places in the Philippines can be found just by simply exploring the many tourist locations all over the islands.

Abandoned Resorts in the Philippines

We even have several abandoned resorts here in Puerto Galera alone. Not as common as some other places around the country but if you’re looking for one close to Manila. You can find it just across the road from Muelle pier right here in Puerto Galera.

I did, however, find this abandoned hotel to be one of the creepiest places in the Philippines.  From the sheer vibe and cold feeling I had experienced while exploring around the property. Found myself saying “what happened here?” as I was looking at it from outside the gate and with my drone. Walked around the perimeter of this abandoned resort only able to see a small glimpse of the building inside. From the drone footage I had taken there was no sign of any structural damage that I could see making this building uninhabitable. So what else could it be?

I asked around the neighborhood if anyone had a clue as to why the property had been abandoned. But no one seemed to have any real reason as to what had happened here. And why it was considered to be a haunted hotel in the first place.

I needed answers and the only way I could do this was by going inside and looking for myself. I just had to have a closer look. After I got inside the gate and I took a look inside the bar I noticed something strange from the corner of my eye.

Wait.. what who is that inside the bar?

Haunted Resort in the Philippines

Haunted Resort Video

Check out this video below about this Creepy abandoned Resort in Zambales. You’ll see how it looks when I explored around the property. Trying to figure out why the owners and staff all just disappeared out of thin air leaving this place empty with no signs as to why. You can see in my video the place looks like they just up and ran off right in the middle of a party.

As you can see in this video there is not a soul in sight. Not a single person taking care of the property or even willing to go inside like me for that matter. It’s a mystery as to why this abandoned property exists in the first place. Especially as there seems to be no problem with the building itself that would deem it to be unfit for travelers to stay and visit. It really looks like somebody or a group of people were having a party…and then they just flat-out vanished in the middle of the party!

There are drinks and glasses on the table, flowers in the holders. From what I could see from the outside of the hotel everything looked as if there was someone just inside using the place without bothering to pack up anything before leaving…what happened?

Haunted Resort in the Philippines

This place has been abandoned, flat-out abandoned for many years now. There is no sign from what I could tell as to the reason why. It’s really too bad to see this sort of an anomaly for such a well-kept establishment considering the great shape it is in over all these years. You can also tell somebody had put a lot of love into building this, the place would have been beautiful.

Haunted Resort in the Philippines

You will see the swimming people which is still in great shape considering and the pool bar with 8 or 10 years of growth over the pool area. The structure of these features is still intact without any signs of extreme flaws. What a shame this place isn’t still in operation.

You will see in the courtyard, it’s been overrun by plants and trees just full of growth making it look like something you would see in the movie Jumanji. If you look closely inside the hotel itself you can see the fine dining room still just the way it was while people were using it. You can also see the beautiful furniture and the table set with plates laid out as if someone had just finished eating there.

Watch the video above and see for yourself why this haunted hotel in the Philippines is something that you truly have to see in person to believe.

What’s going on….why is there nobody home?

Puerto Galera Adventure

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