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Canyons Dive Site in Puerto Galera Philippines

Have you ever been to the Canyons Dive Site in Puerto Galera? Let me give you a tour to one of the most popular dive sites here on the island and show you why so many of our guests continue coming back to Puerto Galera to experience this amazing scuba diving spot in the Philippines.

Read through this resource I created about the Canyons dive site to learn all about how this area is one of the best world class diving locations found in the Philippines and one of the best diving locations you can experience in Puerto Galera.

You will discover another wonderful dive site you can visit here in Puerto Galera Philippines which is extremely close to the biggest metropolitan city of Manila and easily accessible within less than a days worth of travel making it the perfect island getaway from the big city.

Canyons Dive Site in Puerto Galera

Located along the famous Verde Island Passage known as the “Center of the Center of marine biodiversity of the world”. Lies under a blue water descent, the dive site called “Canyons” which is a host to an extremely large number of species of sea life and coral here on the islands and a favorite amongst divers from all over the world and all skill levels alike.

This site is one of the most famous and well-visited dive sites by advanced divers in South East Asia due to its immense diversity in corals and fish. Located in West Escarceo, Puerto Galera Philippines and about 20 minutes away from BADLADZ Beach & Dive Resort by boat making our adventure resort the go-to location for divers who wish to be close to all the diving action without worrying about the larger crowds found in some of the areas of the island.

Canyons Dive Site

Canyons Dive Site Location

The strategic location and formation of three “Canyons” is in the northern tip of Puerto Galera’s “Y” shape peninsula and exposed to currents on either side of the neighboring islands. The coral reef is very healthy as the nutrients that are washed up by the current provide food for the marine species that grow and inhabit the ocean here bringing a great number of sea life to this areas region.

Bouncing current into the cracks of the rock formation can create a down current that is why we only allow divers with deep dive experience to dive at this site. Maximum depth is 30m into the sandy area and on top of the reef has an average depth of 22-24 meters.

You can be swept down 40 meters if you get caught by the current. So it is advised to monitor your depth frequently and follow your guide as there is a larger risk of the currents pulling you under without notice.

Marine Life in the Canyons Dive Site

Canyons Dive Site is a world-class diving location with healthy reef and corals everywhere you turn. The corals are diverse and growing densely from whip coral, hard and soft – tree corals, giant Staghorn, multiple Barrel sponges and Giant Sea Fans.

The reef is home to all the tropical fish that you could imagine and an assortment of different colorful coral as well. From small to big such as damselfish, butterflyfish, anthias, Sweetlips, snapper, batfish, grouper, cod, scorpionfish, stonefish, eels, sea snakes and wrasses.

Canyons Dive Site

Current can turn into a high-intensity drift minutes after its peak tide. It will bring out a shoal of pelagic’s like giant trevally, schools of tuna and jacks hunting for their prey along the reef in this tropical ocean paradise.

Canyons Dive Site

School of Fusiliers, barracudas, emperor drummer fish, long-jawed mackerel can also be seen here. If you are bringing an underwater video camera, you may want to consider paying more attention to your dive guide while cruising along otherwise you may lag behind due to the strong current.

The Three Canyons

The best time to dive is during flood tide where you can swim along with less effort making your oxygen levels last longer while exerting less energy as you move along. Set your compass dead east and it will bring you right to the 1st “Canyon”. At one point you will need to swim against the current to get yourself into the 2nd “Canyon”.

This is the area where a diver has shelter from strong current while looking above the reef watching bigger fish hovering with graceful movement. The tail and dorsal fins of pelagic fish are waiving against the flow of the current moving simultaneously.

Canyons Dive Site

When your bottom time is nearly done, your dive master will signal to move to the next location. Which is the 3rd “Canyon”.

The current will try to sweep you off once you go over the reef. Just continue swimming until you reach the famous old “Spanish Anchor” which is embedded in the corals. The dive master will regroup you before your blue water ascent leaving “The Canyons”.

Video of the Canyons Dive Site in Puerto Galera Philippines

I have here a video of the Canyons Dive Site in Puerto Galera. It shows the abundant marine life, lots of corals, fish and beautiful scenery underwater. Enjoy!

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See you soon!


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