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Be Careful of Fake Documents in Manila

There’s a lot of fake stuff coming out in manila these days. Like documents, branded clothes, shoes, mobile phones, and many more. You name it, some innovative people can make a copy of it and do a pretty good job of it at the same time.

In my recent travel to Manila, I discovered that even documents can be forged. It can be made to a number of specifications depending on what the customer wants.

Below I will talk about fake documents in Manila Philippines. Why this is a common occurrence that is not frowned upon as much as you would think this sort of business should be.

Fake Documents in Manila

As I roam around the city I notice that there are people making fake documents in Manila. They were doing it out in the open with no care in the world as to who knows this is going on. I’m not saying that this is just in the Philippines, it happens everywhere. But this is right out in the open on the main street with no worries to be found.

There was even a group of 50 factories in China busted for selling fake condiments and sauces not too long ago. It made big headline news. This is something you would have expected could be a huge profit-making venture but at that scale, it truly was just that. They had been believed to be operating for 10 years!

Fake Documents in Manila

Unfortunately, you can find this type of activity in every country. Although it may not always be out in the open or openly advertised like the documents showing here in Manila. It is out there and it’s not going to stop any time soon.

As I’m riding my motorbike along the busy street of Taft and Recto. I noticed some boards with ids and certificates leaning up against a post. I walked up to it and a girl approaches me asking me if I want a fake or copy of some documents made. Perhaps some fake ID cards or passports made for myself.

The funny thing about it is they’re not shy about trying to sell you forged documents. Often they will have no paranoia of being caught or in trouble for operating this type of business in the city.

Fake Documents for Sale

Fake documents are for sale here and it is actually a common sight to be seen walking in this area of the city. Documents like driver’s licenses, birth certificates, passports, bank books, bank statements. As well as clearances from the NBI, from local police just about any document that you can think of is available here.

Fake Documents in Manila

Yes, it is illegal, that’s why they only have their displays on little boards leaning up against the post. Allowing them to bring these displays in and out of their “cover-up” business that you will see just behind them.

All temporary nothing permanent so if the police come by, they can quickly hide them right away. What’s odd is some of the police in the area don’t seem to care for this. Most likely have bigger and more important things to worry about.

School Documents

There is a funny story about someone I know getting fake documents in Manila. So a friend of mine came down here to get a diploma from the University of San Diego for Electrical Engineering. He needed it so badly for the job that he applied for in a little eastern European country. He jumps on the airplane without looking at it first and when he does finally look at it, it said the “University of Sam Diego”

What’s even funnier is that even though it said Sam Diego on his diploma they still accepted it. He got away with it, but having fake documents is not really a good option. If you are worried about something small like this happening to you it is a very strong possibility that it could and it may. You might go to jail or get a fine because of this.

The Difference Between Fake and Real Documents

I’m not sure how you can tell the difference between the fake documents from the real ones. But as mentioned above there can be mistakes made on the document or ID that you may not notice at first. Eventually, the issue or mistake may be noticed. What you do there is no way of going back. Getting it fixed as this type of business operates on a “what you see is what you get” policy along with “all sales are final” mentality as well.

It really looks official when these people make them. However again you will never know if there are mistakes until you see the final product. Then really study every inch of it for mistakes that can happen. I guess what you can do is to double-check everything to make sure every word and content of the document is real. From the stamps, signature, alignment of the content, the fonts, and the paper itself.

Recto Video

I wanted to warn you guys about these fake documents spreading around Manila so I decided to make this video. I can’t really let them see me taking this video, they will take offense to it. So I just got my cellphone prompt up to my handlebars to take it all.

Again having a fake document is illegal, it doesn’t matter where you use it. It’s better to process all your documents and ID’s legally so you won’t have any worries in the future. To watch more videos of travel advice and some tips when you visit the Philippines.

Visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you would like more information on getting around the Philippines. Perhaps need some help during your stay here on the islands. Come and say hello to us at any of our BADLADZ Adventure Resorts and we would be more than happy to assist you.


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