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And You Thought There Were No Toys In The Philippines

Are you a Philippine explorer and looking for some fun and exciting activities to enjoy while making your way around the islands? If you’re tired of the same routine every tourist destination you visit and looking for something that’s not only fun but is also a great adrenaline rush, then the Philippines is just the place for some fun sports that offer more than just a lazy day on the beach.

I get asked all the time what different types of outdoor sports and activities you can enjoy on the islands here under the impression that because the Philippines is a third world country there’s not much fun you can have. Is there anything besides island hopping, hiking, fishing, and eating you can do as a Philippine explorer?

Well, you’re about to find out!

Watch this video I made below and get just a small glimpse of all the blood-pumping, heart-pounding, adrenaline-feeding sports and activities in the Philippines you can enjoy. Just like with any place in western countries where you drive expensive cars and have expensive toys believe me when I say if you can do it in your home country, you certainly can do it here in the Philippines as well.

In this video, we’re at the Manila Boat Show. See the range of awesome toys on show, including speed boats, fishing boats, outrigger boats, sea kayaks, inflatable kayaks, paddleboats, wakeboarding boats, expensive cars, roaring helicopters, and of course everyone’s favorite, cute girls!

Many people feel the Philippines is a third-world country and just because most of the country is in poverty that doesn’t mean it can’t offer the fun and luxury options then you’re used to in your home country. Although the Philippines is, in fact, a third-world country that doesn’t mean you can’t find luxury toys and fun as you would in a western country. But as we’ve shown in other posts and videos, the Philippines is an awesome place to hang out.

Sea Kayaks and Paddle Boats

If your looking for a great place to really enjoy the outdoors and want to enjoy some fun in the sun at the same time then going for a cruise on some awesome sea kayaks and paddle boats in the Philippines won’t let you down. Grab your boat paddle or pedal boat and get out there and enjoy all the beauty the Philippine islands has to offer, from rivers crossing through mangroves to the turquoise blue water bays spread all over the islands this is one place that can’t be beaten when it comes to kayaking in paradise.

Speed Boat and Fishing Yachts

There are plenty of places to take a ride on a speed boat or enjoy a fun day out on a fishing boat here in the Philippines, and they are not always small Banca boats either. Right in Manila bay as you can see in the picture above there are plenty of large luxury fishing boats and speed boats just in the city alone. Travel further to other hotspots like Puerto Galera and Subic Bay and you will find many more all waiting to take those Philippine Explorers out for a joy ride and catch some rays.

Inflatable Kayaks and peddle boats

As the two Badladz resorts are in Puerto Galera, we talk a lot about the awesome benefits of Puerto Galera. But Puerto Galera isn’t the only fun place. When you come to the Philippines, you’ll find fun waiting for you at every corner. A few weeks ago, we went to the Manila Boat Show. True to Filipino form, it was a lot of fun. The best bit was the toys. Lots of boats, of course. Speed boats. Wakeboarding boats. Fishing boats. Every size of outboard motor you could imagine. But that’s not all.

There were these awesome inflatable kayaks. If you’ve only ever seen the typical kayak that you need to row, you’ll be amazed by these bad boys. Imagine a kayak that has three methods of propulsion. Sure, you can row. But why would you row when you can peddle, just like a bike? And if the wind is blowing, you don’t have to do a thing. Yes, that’s right, these kayaks have sails!

There were small quad bikes and big quad bikes. One of the boats was a custom wakeboarding boat. It had a fantastic paint job that screamed “awesome”. Despite the “Boat Show” title, they even had a helicopter. For 35,000 pesos an hour (about $800 USD) you can zoom around Manila City.

Past the helicopter, there was a Suzuki jet boat that was a two-seater with the engine tucked away behind the passenger’s seats. Also towards the back of the show, you will see an awesome “combat boat” that had everything you could ever need for an awesome time out on the sea.

Luxury Cars and Trucks in the Philippines

Did I mention that if you could find it in any western country, chances are you can find something similar in the Philippines? When it comes to luxury cars and trucks there is no exception to what you could find here if you just take a look around and see some of the awesome toys you too could enjoy. Whether its an awesome offroad truck like the one in the picture above or a classy and stylish Porsche found in the next, the possibilities of finding some awesome and high-end toys here in the Philippines are endless.

You won’t just find these types of vehicles in the city of Manila as well. High-end sports cars, American muscle cars, and even some European imports can be found all over some of the smaller cities as well as some of the provinces if you look for it. Not just cars and trucks, but I have also seen some really great-looking motorcycles and off-road utility vehicles off the beaten path in some of the provinces as well.

And as in all the Philippines, there is always plenty of hot girls around every single corner. If you watch the video, you’ll see what we mean. In the Philippines, you can find any toy you can dream of. It might be a third-world country, but it doesn’t skimp out on the toys.




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