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6 Ways to Live Your Dream – Life in the Philippines

Wondering how you can have a life in the Philippines? There are many ways to live your dream. Check here to see 6 Ways on How to Live in the Philippines.

We don’t blame you. It’s a sunny, tropical paradise every month of the year with beautiful beaches, amazing waterfalls, and fascinating sea life. When your friends and family are freezing their butts off, you’re drinking a pina colada by the pool watching the beautiful sunsets right on the ocean.

Life in the Philippines

Every night is Friday night, and you’re on a perpetual vacation. The reality of life in the Philippines is that everyone is really relaxed and takes every day as an amazing opportunity to ENJOY LIFE.

The only problem is figuring out a way to fund your dream life in the Philippines. This can often time become quite a challenge.

Here, we’ve compiled 6 ways to live the tropical island lifestyle that we enjoy here in Puerto Galera in the Philippines.

BADLADZ Beach Resort Sunset / Life in the Philippines

If you have a seasonal job, own your own business, or have a job that enables you to leave for part of the year. You are a prime candidate for living in the Philippines for months on end. Spend some productive months in your home country increasing your funds to provide a comfortable living here.

The best part is that it doesn’t take much to do so as things in the Philippines are actually quite cheap when you compare them to your home country and the cost of living where you are coming from.

I can safely say it is cheaper to Live a busy, fun life here than staying home doing nothing.

There are plenty of people who work in their home country in a wide variety of professions. From landscaping to fighting forest fires who can take long periods off from work to enjoy their longer staycations here in the Philippines for the rest of the year or perhaps during the cold months back home.

They earn money for half the year then spend the rest of their time in the Philippines enjoying the perfect weather and cheap living.

1. Work at home part of the year, live in the Philippines the rest of the year

Let’s be real: most people don’t have jobs that let them say, “Adios! Be back in a few months!” Although becoming more popular nowadays this is still a very rare occurrence.

One of the most popular ways for foreigners to live the tropical island life in the Philippines is by starting a business in the Philippines that requires little to no effort after the initial setup of the business. While it’s not always easy, it can be done!

I have been living in the Philippines and running businesses for over 20 years now and it all started exactly where you are now, having a plan.

Life in the Philippines - BADLADZ Resort

If you’re interested in starting a business in the Philippines, you’re in the right place. My knowledge is available on BADLADZ YouTube Channel with more than 200 videos containing top tips on running a business, traveling, and Enjoying yourself in the Philippines.

You will discover what you need to be aware of when starting a small business in the Philippines. Some common tips and tricks to becoming successful here, and important issues you will face along the way that will benefit you tremendously along your journey that only someone who has been doing this for over 22 years would have the knowledge of.

To be honest, I have started so many successful businesses that I finally had to choose only the top moneymakers so I could concentrate on them.

2. Start a Business in the Philippines

Recently, we published a post about being a student in the Philippines. If there’s a college degree that you’ve always wanted to complete, doing so in the Philippines might be a good option for you.

If English is not your first language there are plenty of schools offering a course in English as this is the main spoken language on the islands.

Student in the Philippines

Not only are the courses at the schools here conducted in English, but you will also have the peace of mind knowing you will be getting the education you’ve always wanted at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay for the same degree from any school in a western country.

You’ll find no shortage of good universities here in the Philippines, particularly in Manila. THEN, You can spend your vacations scuba diving, snorkeling, or partying with us here at BADLADZ!

Not a bad plan…????

3. Be a Student in the Philippines

If you have some savings and a little time to kill, we invite you to take advantage of the Badladz monthly package.

For just $1,100 per month, you get:
  • Accommodation with aircon, fan, queen size bed, and cable TV.
  • 3 meals a day in our international restaurant
  • Free wifi access
  • Laundry and room cleaning service every 3 days

This is one of the best deals around. Interested? Click Here: Accommodation Package.

BADLADZ Beach Resort 1

4. Live at BADLADZ for $1100/month

A digital nomad is someone who freelances or has an online business that allows them to work from anywhere in the world. This is HUGE since the pandemic. If you could go anywhere, wouldn’t you want to live on the beach? Of course, you would who wouldn’t?

Living on the beach and working from your laptop is the biggest dream of today’s entrepreneur generation as this gives you the opportunity to not only see the world first hand but also fund your travels while doing so and on your own schedule that you create giving you complete and absolute freedom of your life.

Life in the Philippines

Why not start your digital nomad lifestyle with us at BADLADZ as we have free wifi and everything else you need to run your location-independent business. At BADLADZ, you don’t have to choose between work and play: you can have both!

5. Be a Digital Nomad

Hundreds of ex-pats have found the secret to making their retirement savings go further: retire in the Philippines. The warm tropical climate that many retirees seek as well as an affordable luxury life in the Philippines is a retiree’s dream.

All it takes is a little creativity to live the life you’ve always dreamed of! Don’t put it off any longer. Start today!

BADLADZ has a Dream Apartment, One Bedroom, Poolside, Beachfront, and steps to an international restaurant…for about US$900/month. BADLADZ Ocean View Apt

6. Retire in the Philippines

For more information on how you can transition from dreaming to doing all the things you wish you could. If you want to live and work on a tropical island in the Philippines, contact us today and we would be happy to help assist you where we can.

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