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5 Reasons to Come to the Philippines During the Off Season

Are you thinking about coming to the Philippines during the off-season? Well!, That’s a good idea. Below, we will give you 5 reasons to come to this awesome Tropical paradise during the off-season.

Not only, you will have an amazing time without the crowds of people taking up all the prime beachfront real estate. But you will also have the chance of enjoying the cheapest prices available on the islands.

The high season spans from around mid-December until June. During this time, our resorts are packed with guests from all over the world. Plus many coming from nearby Manila.

Just to get away for the weekend to a relaxing tropical island destination without the hassle of planning multiple forms of transportation.

High Season vs. Off Season

Did you know…? The high season is not the busiest season here because it is the best time to visit the Philippines, it’s the high season because during this time it’s cold in most western countries. Most foreign travelers are simply escaping that cold.

There are also many worldwide holidays during this time of year. Like the Christmas break that many companies and students enjoy. New Year’s celebrations are almost always a time for relaxation and time off around the world.

A few months later in February comes Chinese New Year, celebrated all over the world and most definitely in Asian countries. Finally, Filipinos and other Catholic countries celebrate Holy Week in March or April.

Philippines During the Off Season

Many tourists enjoy spending it here in Puerto Galera when the major cities including Manila all shut down. Time to enjoy this festive and fun week off from work and school traveling to a tropical paradise and visiting the family back home in the province.

But if your vacation time is flexible, there are so many great reasons to consider traveling in the offseason instead of during the high season. Here we will discuss a few of the reasons many guests choose to travel during this time below.

1. Beautiful Weather

Believe it or not, the weather is really awesome during the off-season here in Puerto Galera. The reason is that Puerto Galera is an island that is protected from typhoons, and most rains, by a much bigger island.

The storms from the Pacific hit this bigger Island and are sent in a different direction, sparing us. Yes, we do get rain and fluctuations in weather but mainly it’s short rains to cool things off then back to blue and sunny skies.

Perfect for those who want to get out and enjoy the outdoors with fewer crowds. Our guests during the high season still thoroughly enjoy their time here, but if you’re looking for a vacation in the tropical sun, you’re better off coming here after the month of June.

2. Cheaper Rooms and Plane Tickets

You can get cheaper accommodation and plane tickets during the off-season here in the Philippines. Many travelers will not be crowding the airports and for this reason, many airlines will be offering discounted plane tickets all over the Philippines.

If you intend to stay for a while, say a month or more, or you’re traveling on a budget, choosing to travel during the off-season instead of during the high season could potentially save you lots of money.

Many hotel accommodation and resorts will be doing anything they can to get more guests to stay with them during the off-season. Making it the perfect time to travel if you wanted to book a nicer room without spending all of your travel money doing so.

3. Warm Water

With warmer weather comes warmer water, much more comfortable for diving and swimming as you hardly ever need a wet suit here, to begin with. Not that the water is ever cold, but now it will feel like a warm bath.

With the warmer weather, you can feel at ease knowing you will have the perfect temperature of the water during this time. This makes all of your swimming activities that much more enjoyable.

If you truly want to experience the best of diving in the Philippines, we highly recommend traveling during the off-season.

4. Better Visibility

Speaking of scuba diving, the best visibility underwater in the ocean here is during the offseason. Visibility is affected by runoff from the shore, as well as wind and rain. This is especially true for our dive sites around Puerto Galera because many of them are close to the shore.

If you want the best visibility for diving, it’s best to come during the offseason. During this season you will have fewer chances of bad visibility underwater during this time. Rare species like the hairy frogfish and this octopus are here for you to enjoy with fewer divers crowding the scene!

5. Fewer Crowds

Fewer crowds during the offseason mean your choice of the best rooms, easier access to Scuba Diving open watercourses and dives, and more room to yourself at our dive sites. During the high season, you may sometimes need to start your scuba dive course later than you’d planned, or not be able to do your course at all. Additionally, if you want to get to know our instructors, divemasters, and staff, it’s easy to do during the offseason.

Come experience the Philippines much closer to living like a true local when you travel here during the offseason.

The Philippines has so much to offer visitors year-round. Visiting in the offseason may sound counter-intuitive, but in the Philippines, the offseason is one of the best times to enjoy the sand and the sun!

If you are looking for the best resort in Puerto Galera and would like more information on how you can plan the best holiday vacation during your next trip to the Philippines come say Hello to us at BADLADZ Beach & Dive Resort. We would be more than happy to help you make the next vacation one that you will remember for a lifetime!


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