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3 Striking Differences Between the Philippines and the Western World

Have you been to the Philippines before?

If not, you’ll enjoy this article. While the Philippines (and many other so-called “exotic” countries) have their differences, they actually retain many similarities with Western cultures.

But to stick with the title of this post, let’s take a look at 3 striking differences between the Philippines and that modern, affluent country you live in (if you’re from the West).

1. Less order, more chaos.

Chaos might be taking it too far.

However, it illustrates the point I’m trying to make.

The Philippines is far from an orderly place, despite the impression that it tries to be.

For example, take the traffic. While there are road signs, lines on the road, and traffic cops, most people do whatever they want. Rather than rules, there is the honk. When you turn a corner, you honk. When you overtake someone, you honk.

Honk for anything and everything.

Hell, honk if you’re happy.

Contrary to what some people might think, no one will look twice if you honk all day. It’s normal.

This leads to what you might call “orderly chaos”. Your first time driving in the Philippines will probably feel terrifying but once you understand how the game works, you’ll get comfortable and begin to intuitively sense the order.

2. No rubber padding.

What do I mean by that?

No rubber padding means no rules.


While there are rules and regulations in the Philippines, they are seldom followed. Often, bribes determine what you can and can’t do, rather than any strict adherence to rules and regulations.

This can be a good thing and a bad thing.

If you get into trouble with the police, it’s probably going to be a waste of time playing strictly by the rules. Get yourself a good Filipino lawyer and find a way out of trouble.

However, the lack of “rubber padding” means that the Philippines is something of a “wild west”. If you have never been here before, you will be astounded at the fun that you can have in the Philippines. There is a burgeoning expat community made up of people that are sick and tired of the constant rules and regulations in the West.

3. Time and productivity.

At first glance, some people make the assumption that most Filipinos are lazy.

While this is true in some cases, it is wrong in many cases. I think that this error stems from a misunderstanding of the culture and of the language.

Consider the culture of any typical Western city. We are conditioned from birth to adopt certain attitudes to life, to work, and productivity that is not inherently correct.

Often, we are taught that it is better to be productive than to sit around and enjoy the weather. While this is especially true in terms of ambition, creating change, and making a ton of money, it’s not necessarily the best path to happiness or fulfillment.

When you come to the Philippines, you’ll need to keep this in mind. If you arrange to meet people, it’s worth keeping in mind that time is fairly loose and there is not a huge emphasis placed on punctuality in most areas.


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